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AS Roma returns to play with the old logo?

The historic acronym "ASR" could return on the away kit

AS Roma returns to play with the old logo? The historic acronym ASR could return on the away kit

The August petition "Ridateci lo stemma" has paid off. The nearly 13,000 signatures collected convinced the new ownership of the Friedkin group to insert on the second jersey the logo with the acronym ASR to which the AS Roma fans are very attached. The popular acclamation, therefore, serves to bring the management closer to the Giallorossi cheer, after the abrupt reports of the past seasons. The "peace" was signed on 5 October last, when the lawyer Contucci, four exponents of the Curva Sud and the CEO of AS Roma Guido Fienga sat at the same table in the Champions room in Trigoria.

The meeting served to testify the commitment of the fans and the number of signatures collected, enclosed in a document delivered directly to Fienga. It is a compromise accepted by both parties: the club keeps the logo in use, an obligatory choice also for commercial reasons; organized Giallorossi supporters will see on the AS Roma away kit a patch with the emblem that has been used since the birth of the Capitoline club. A peculiarity of the petition lies precisely in the numbers and their meaning. To get to the almost 13,000 signatures there are two important numbers: 11,927, exactly like those collected in 1996 and which reflect the year of birth of AS Roma (1927), and 753 BC, the date with which historians make the foundation coincide of the eternal city.