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The strange case of the sleeve cover of Paul Pogba

There is not a clear why

The strange case of the sleeve cover of Paul Pogba  There is not a clear why

France's last game was a 2-1 win over Croatia, and Paul Pogba could not miss the Transalpine stars. But as in the matches played against Portugal and Ukraine, it was noted that the French wore along his right arm an elastic sleeve, on each occasion in a different color. White against Portugal, blue against Ukraine, black against Croatia. The French magazine Footpack has developed some hypotheses to resolve the issue. 

First of all, behind this outfit there would be medical reasons. Citing Iverson's case in the early 2000s, Footpack explains that the dressing of this special sleeve would prevent a certain type of muscular stretching of the arm, so much so that the band bears the logo of BV Sport, a French brand that provides technical material. The use of this accessory allows to provide muscle support and reduce vibrations, and in fact, they are mainly used by runners, volleyball players and handball players.

The second hypothesis is much simpler: Pogba wears these sleeves for a pure aesthetic reason. Presuming the Manchester United midfielder's fashion taste, this adidas sleeve could be just another fashionista gimmick from French, also considering that the player is a big fan of Nba and many basketball players use the sleeve as an item fashion. But according to UEFA rules, in some cases it would be prohibited. Pogba has used the sleeve three times and with three different colours, two of which are non-social of the national team French - with the adidas brand exposed. According to UEFA, it is not permitted to show logos or writings in the medical material used during performance, nor to dress technical clothing of different colors from those of the game. 

The final answer, however, would be the first, because during the game against Ukraine, the sleeve used by Pogba was navy blue - like France - and without adidas logo, which would admit the medical choice without regulation problems. Also because the French player has used a cover on his right arm even in the last two Premier League games with Manchester United. The medical reason seems to be the main solution, but with Paul Pogba, nothing is ever taken for granted.