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Heat e Press are selling more than Pogba and Rashford

Manchester United Women > Manchester United Men

Heat e Press are selling more than Pogba and Rashford Manchester United Women > Manchester United Men

Manchester United have not started well in the Premier League, yet the commercial side of the Red Devils remains impeccable. Even women's football. Manchester United Women's two new signings, Americans Tobin Heat and Christian Press, for three days after their arrival in Manchester sold more jerseys than United's entire male's division, including top players. Both players made their debuts in the 3-0 win over Brighton on 4 October, and it was a first to remember for both of them: Heat created the assist for the 1-0 goal, while Press, even not entering in the scoreboard, took a post.  

Manchester United fans were very surprised when the club announced the arrival of the two top players from United States a month ago, respectively from Portland Thorns (Heat) and Utah Royal (Press). According to Daily Mail, for this reason, American fans have immediatley emptied the online store and physical shops of their jerseys, surpassing the much more famous male colleagues Rashford, Pogba and Bruno Fernandes. An unbeatable sell out for any male division colleague. In addition, Heat and Press are also co-owners together with Meghan Kligenberg and Megan Rapinoe of a luxury brand, re-inc, designed to create a brand that could send a message of equality, inclusion and integration. Everything american footballers have struggled for and have been fighting for for a long time. 

United wanted to secure both after Manchester City also took two top players for their women's side, Sam Mewis and Rose Lavelle. American footballers are among the most sought after in the women's transfer market and English teams are importing a lot of US talent into the FA Women Premier League, with the aim of increasing the level and visibility of the league. Alex Morgan's arrival at Tottenham has caused an explosion of attention towards the spurs women's selection and English women's football in general, just as many have started watching United's matches to follow Heath and Press. In Italy too, the women's football movement is growing, but not at the levels of the major European leagues - the French and the English one - and the entry into Serie A of new American talent could foster a growth of the whole system. Both in terms of international and technical visibility.