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PUMA and Rimec release the new ULTRAS SL

"The fastest boots in the world"

PUMA and Rimec release the new ULTRAS SL  The fastest boots in the world

During Croatia-France, with the goal of Antoine Griezmann debuted the new PUMA ULTRAS SL, "the fastest shoe in the world". Puma has created in collaboration with Rimac Automobili this new pair of gaming shoes, available in a limited edition - 412 pairs - and made specifically to give greater aerodynamics to the foot, combining stability, traction and lightness on the plant. That boots are inspired by the Rimac C Two hypercar, a production made by the car company.

The shoes weigh 90 grams and are covered with a super light net covered by a thermoplastic layer, so that the fabric of the shoe has a better impact with the ball. The inspiration for the car is also with two openings on the heel that recall the bodywork of the Rimac C Two, an electric car model produced by Rimac. The sole is entirely PEBAX and custom made. The boots follow the style of the Rimac Two livery in design: the black and red colors of the pattern are printed with a special template of dots and lines, a play of very subtle geometric shapes. 

The collaboration with the car company comes from the idea to link to the boots the characteristics of electric cars produced by Rimac. Not surprisingly, the 412 models available are a number that follows the 412 km/h that reach the Rimac C Two hypercar in the race. A partnership aimed at the future in which, for the public presentation, Puma chose the Nations League match between Croatia and France as a stage in Zagreb, the hometown of Rimac.





The PUMA ULTRA SL are available on PUMA store, in some selected shops and on