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The ten most wired national teams jerseys

Little countries, huge sponsor

The ten most wired national teams jerseys Little countries, huge sponsor

Despite a lockdown that lasted more than two months, it is difficult, again, to spend a weekend without championships - the Italian or European ones. The break for the national teams is a fixed appointment that proposes - in addition to injuries - also many surprises. Among these, beyond the results, are those that allow us to discover the existence of unthinkable national representatives. Some, to say, we know thanks to Italy, which over the years has faced various national teams such as Andorra or Far Oer, but in general, there are many national teams registered with FIFA. Which, of course, must be represented by an official uniform. We have chosen ten of them by putting in place stakes, otherwise we would have been overwhelmed by the possibility of choosing from the 210 national teams registered at FIFA.

Here are the ten best jerseys of the rarest national teams. 


In any case, there is San Marino, inevitable, as well as on his jersey the sponsor Macron, then the other classic "small" European such as Luxembourg, Andorra and Far Oer (all of three made by Macron). By the way, San Marino and Gibraltar are the national teams representing the two smallest countries with a football federation - 33785 and 33 7118 respectively. In Asia there are Thailand (sponsored By Warrix, local technical supplier), Mongolia and the unpronounceable Tajikistan (both Jomas), while for Africa there is Lesotho (Umbro). Oceania is represented by Fiji Island (Kappa) and For America Curaçao, a country of which no one knew of its existence. It remains very interesting the Nike jersey of Curacao, which started an technical project with the supervision of Patrick Kluivert and the technical direction of Guus Hiddink.