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The football jerseys inspired by the outfits of Queen Elizabeth II

Or viceversa

The football jerseys inspired by the outfits of Queen Elizabeth II Or viceversa

Often the question that revolves around the designs of the new jerseys is "But what was the source of inspiration?". According to Dave Burin, better known in the fantastic world of Twitter as @GoldenVision90, one of the sources to draw from is the style of Queen Elizabeth II. Dave is a Dutch boy, a great fan of jerseys and an expert in the style of English football - not only linked to the Premier but also and above all to the minor leagues. On his Twitter profile he enjoyed matching some iconic football jerseys with the most colorful clothes of the longest-lived sovereign in history.

The precedence goes to the English teams: from the Southampton home shirt in 2010 to Manchester United in Cantona (1992-93) with one of the most beautiful of the Red Devils; the rivals of the City cannot be missing, with that touch of green that unites the Queen and the goalkeeper Ederson; the same goes for Gullit's 1995 Chelsea and 2005 Arsenal, that of an irrepressible Thierry Henry. To complete the Premier package comes the 2016 Norwich third kit, one of the most criticized but also one of those that fit perfectly with Her Majesty. Two sensational examples come from Serie A, with the Napoli blue shirt from last season and with Juventus in pink & black from the 2011-12 season. The Australian national team of the early 90s, the jersey of Dulwich Hamlet FC - National League South team, the sixth English league - and FC Volendam, club of the Dutch second league, closes this incredible round of matches.