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The new Le Coq Sportif jerseys of AS Velasca

Once again an itinerant presentation, this time on water

The new Le Coq Sportif jerseys of AS Velasca  Once again an itinerant presentation, this time on water

"Next time we will go by helicopter," jokes Wolfgang Natlacen, the president and founder of AS Velasca, the team - described by UEFA - as the "most fashionable in the world". The presentation of the jerseys of the Milanese team, in fact, took place once again ongoing, this time in the water, taking a ride that started from the Milan's Darsena and traveled part of the Naviglio Grande, then returned to the start. During the route, along the banks of the canal, the players of AS Velasca greeted the boat wearing the new jerseys for the next season, made by Le Coq Sportif and designed by the South African artist Kendell Geer, on display these days in Milan.

Players wear uniforms include a Home shirt (red and black), another one Away (white and red) plus two goalkeeper uniforms (one black and green, the other purple and blue). All the jerseys have a very particular pattern, with an explosion of spots and flower designs that for the artist represent "the domain of nature, but also the feeling, the determination, the strength that the players must dominate". The South African artist wanted to celebrate the power of nature, in contrast to the architectural motifs recently released on the playing jerseys. Well, something that was "beautiful to see but also powerful for the wearer, something that inspires confidence in the team. It is precisely the flowers that strike at the heart of the player." In addition to the jerseys, twenty-five original sweatshirts for the Velasca players were hung on the boat during the course on the Naviglio: each garment was designed by an artist who over the years worked with the team, and the same guests at the event were able to hand them each to a player of the club.


AS Velasca started their championship two weeks ago in Group B of Third Category Lombardia, and unfortunately, after two games, the team remained at zero points in the classify.   



The Le Coq Sportif jerseys of AS Velasca are available in limited edition (only 400) on