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The new adidas ball for the 2020/21 Champions League

A new design and technology that promotes a better touch of the sphere

The new adidas ball for the 2020/21 Champions League A new design and technology that promotes a better touch of the sphere

To announce the release of the official ball of the 2020/21 Champions League edition, adidas has chosen some of the most iconic faces from Europe's most important club. The speed of Serge Gnabry, the talent of Paulo Dybala, the elegance of Marcelo, the power of Paul Pogba - of course, all adias-men. Champions that with their characteristics represent the technologies of the new 'Ready for the stars' ball, that will be used from October 20, the first day of Champions League group stage. In addition to the first ball, adidas also produced a second ball with stronger colors - orange and dark blue - to be used during races with limited visibility on the pitch.

The balloon has the same chromatic tones as recent editions, tending to light but with contours of the blue royal stars and celestial and orange spots superimposed throughout the pattern to create an optical result of depth and light. In general, the effect that adidas wants to give to the ball is that of the dynamism and speed that the ball has on the pitch, and it does so thanks to the geometric shapes drawn over the whole sphere. On the surface, on the other hand, there are minimal star-shaped reliefs to ensure better friction of the ball with the shoe. The tradition remains a focus of the new adidas ball, which despite the innovative design still wants to stay in touch with the heritage of historical models, with the stars always at the center of the pattern of the 'Ready for the stars'. A connection with the story also enhanced by the video with Dybala and colleagues, in which they tell about their relationship with the competition and the importance it has for the formation of a high-level player. 

This year's Champions League starts with the first day of the group stage on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 October, with the group stage ending on 8 and 9 December. This edition will immediately be very delicate given the uncertainty related to coronavirus, with the possibility that, again this year, if the European health situation were to be worrying the final stage would be carried out all in one place, as happened a few months ago in Lisbon. Otherwise, the regularly designated venue for the 2021 Champions League final will be Istanbul's Ataturk Stadium