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The Palace x Rapha collection for the 2020 Giro d'Italia

The debut of the London brand in the world of cycling in the most awaited race of the year

The Palace x Rapha collection for the 2020 Giro d'Italia The debut of the London brand in the world of cycling in the most awaited race of the year

***UPDATE 02.10.20***

Palace definitively enters the world of cycling and could not have chosen a better time. He will do so at the Giro d'Italia - which will start tomorrow and end on 25 October - bringing to light the entire historical aesthetic tradition of Italian cycling jerseys. After yesterday's announcement of the collaboration with Rapha, the collection items arrive that will dress the riders of the EF Pro Cycling World Tour team. In addition to the Palace-style design of the racing bikes - a Cannondale aero SystemSix, a climbing SuperSix EVO and a time trial SuperSliceil - the team kit will include the Pro Team Aero Jersey and Pro Team Bib Shorts II, as well as special edition socks, caps and bags. All items will be available only in a very limited number of pieces.

In addition, off-bike outfits will also be available, including long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts, a hat, a hoodie, an Oxford shirt and a Palace GORE-TEX jacket.

Palace thus decides to take part in the path taken by Rapha a few years ago, with the creation of products that are in line with the trends of contemporary fashion in order to capture the attention of even the younger generations. In addition to the stylistic and aesthetic aspect, there is also a practical issue that links this collaboration to the Giro. EF Pro Cycling has always wore pink jerseys and during one of the most anticipated stage races of the year there was often some confusion with the Maglia Rosa. So, in addition to bringing visibility to a new brand and such a fresh new look, the kit helps the team avoid a visual conflict with the jersey of the Giro d'Italia leader.





Fashion and the world of cycling are once again in close contact with the announcement of a new collaboration between Palace and Rapha, a sports and lifestyle clothing brand with a focus on racing, clothing and accessories for road cycling. Through a minimal style video published on the social accounts of the two brands, the partnership for a new collection seems to be official. Palace continues to contaminate different sports with its unmistakable style, trying to bring the London company's own design.

The universe of cycling is once again at the center of a hype collaboration project. The brands see in one of the oldest sports the possibility of combining streetwear with the aesthetics of an outdoor sport, trying to ride the trend of cross-sports strategies - just think of the collections created in collaboration with the golf and tennis divisions of adidas, the latter launched at Wimbledon 2018.

Something similar had already arrived in February 2019, when Supreme had launched a collection with Castelli Cycling, an ultra-centennial Italian brand founded in 1876. The idea was to relaunch a trend that in reality has never completely died out and that has always had a hard core of enthusiasts. In 2019 with Supreme and in 2020 with Palace, therefore, the heritage linked to the historic jerseys of Italian cycling returns to enjoy the most important spotlights.