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The best ten jerseys of Serie B 2020/21

With Nike, the Venezia F.C. one is probably the best

The best ten jerseys of Serie B 2020/21 With Nike, the Venezia F.C. one is probably the best

Like Serie A, italian Serie B is starting late again, with the 20 teams - no more 22 - of the tournament coming from the first day. A Serie B with many prestigious fields and names - last, Kevin Prince Boateng of AC Monza - among which the important returns of Reggina, Reggiana and Vicenza soar, while, from Serie A, the return of great squares such as Brescia and Lecce immediately makes a great fibrillation ring to return to the top flight. That's why clubs wanted to put all their feelings on the jerseys for this season, whether it's fight or celebration, or, instead, simple aesthetics. Like Venezia F.C., whose Nike jerseys -  the Venetians have a Premium contract with the Swoosh - are the best of this edition of the Serie B.


In addition to the Home Kit of Venezia F.C. there is also the classic black-and-white model of Ascoli Calcio, revisited with a more modern cut, as well as the first kit of the Spal Ferrara. Pisa Calcio chose a more experimental model for the second uniform, while U.S. Lecce kept the vertical stripes and blurred its contours, making the pattern of the jersey almost evanescent. The new Frosinone pattern with the wider side band and conv air shades of blue compared to previous editions is also very nuanced. Brescia has remained anchored to tradition, but Kappa has been able to make it more original thanks to a certain attention to detail; Cittadella Calcio enhances the simplicity of its color - the grenade - with horizontal and vertical embossed lines inserted into the pattern. Pescara Calcio has also produced two different third jerseys: one light blue, the other dark blue, both with interesting finishes on the collar. Reggina, on the other hand, returning to Serie B, has enhanced the historical social color amaranth through a more experimental pattern, with embossed designs on the lower part of the jersey.