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The five best look of Alvaro Morata as a good guy

The taste for the formal gashion make him an unique esthetic icon

The five best look of Alvaro Morata as a good guy The taste for the formal gashion make him an unique esthetic icon

When he arrived in Italy in 2014, Alvaro Morata had a different style. He was not the golden boy, perfect and with the always ironed shirt with which today he shows himself - smiling - along with his wife Alice. Indeed. Arriving from Madrid, very young, Morata was practically like a fairly tsar outing intent on taking selfies with half a Juventus dressing room, only to grow up as a sportsman and as a man, coming to build a very coded personal image. Morata has become a good guy, one of those home and field, with always sober looks and a style of his own, which, without sticking to the brands, manages to communicate his personality perfectly. So here are Morata's five best looks.

Hair brushed

Morata always chooses the same cut. It's nothing elaborate, in fact, that's why he seems like a very normal guy. Much gel and always tidy hair, Morata never went beyond a tuft or a shave, otherwise he was always particularly understated. A cut that remains youthful, similar to that of former Real Madrid team-mate Marco Asensio, or even, a much softer and quieter version of Gerard Piqué's tuft. 

Sweaters, sweaters and turtlenecks At Christmas, at the restaurant, on Sundays at the park, Alvaro Morata is the guy who wants to enjoy every moment with his family with comfort. He married at 24 and has two children plus one on the way: the family is his home, and in his outfit you can see the rouge file that combines his attitude on the pitch and the extra-football one. He is part of the trend of formality that is part of the new dress code of sportsmen, the formal that is returning so much on the catwalks - digital - of fashion brands. But in general, Morata follows more of his personality than the label of the garments, without showing a particular affection for this or that brand.


Ironed shirts and polo shirts

The style is very understated, it never has a badly laced button. His public outings are always accompanied by the family, and it follows that the style adopted is the comfortable but formal one of the golden boy. Perfectly matched shirts, polo shirts and loafers in boat holidays - not a yacht - that define very well his idea of formal aesthetics, without swag outputs or too stylish pairings. Its way, in practice, is that of absolute normality.

Soft Colors

That Morata is not a big fan of fashion brands is understood, but that he does not follow fashion would be a false statement. The player has a wide fondness for soft colors, less flamboyant and inconspicuous, precisely according to the more minimal style that dominates the clothing of these times. And in fact, his pullovers are always very clear and particularly aseptic, with a taste for the essential traceable in his devotion to tranquility, for a lifestyle dedicated to the alternation between family and work. 

Perfect family

Morata's aesthetic, in fact, is necessarily intertwined with that of the boy at home. A perfect husband with a family just as well as a picture. An influencer wife - Alice Campello, 2.3 million followers - a life in the big European capitals, father of twins - plus a third child on the way. Morata's twins are practically a mascot for the whole family, very often appearing on their parents' social media and dressed as genuine baby hipsters - with Mayoral bombers, Humana Reyer Venezia uniforms or Baronio outfits. The Moratas, despite the tranquility surrounding their lives, are an example of a much-appreciated social family - also because, as said, they have all the connotations of the perfect family - and the comparison with the Ferragnez and Leone is very intuitive. On the other hand, just like Leone, Alessandro and Leonardo are also in plain sight on Morata's social media profiles, of course, also dressed very carefully.