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How is the Premier League jersey market doing?

The Reds were overtaken by Arsenal and Chelsea

How is the Premier League jersey market doing? The Reds were overtaken by Arsenal and Chelsea

Liverpool's season did not start in the best possible way: defeat in the Community Shield final and a commercial record of the faded shirts. Who won either way? Arsenal. The Liverpool shirt, according to the website The Love Sales, has been surpassed by that of the Gunners as the most popular kit in England. Liverpool have also been overtaken in sales by Chelsea, whose shirt is second in popularity. 

Klopp's team has lost 12% of sales since last season, the last played with New Balance outfits, while this season's Chelsea home shirt has gained an 84% in the replica shirt market. In this area, Liverpool had gone very strong in the last two years, and last year had been the perfect season on a commercial level, having even doubled sales compared to the Season of the Champions League won in Madrid. Liverpool's third has also seen an incredible drop compared to last season: - 57% of purchases. The Love Sales table after Liverpool include Manchester United (who have lost 5% since last year), Manchester City and Tottenham. Everton (who earn five places), West Ham, Aston Villa and Brighton finish in the top ten. 

In general, the data on the sale of shirts in England are not positive. For this season, is talking about an all-time low in the last five years, with 15 million pounds less spent by fans in August for appearances compared to 23.9 million a year ago. The economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus, which has prevented many fans from being able to spend money on club merchandising, is undeniably affected. But above all, tours and summer events were halted that were usually essential to clubs to promote their uniforms. In addition, fans are unable to go to the stadium and watch live matches, and according to The Love Sale, this is also a factor preventing the commercial expansion of gaming kits. In addition to box office and television contracts, merchandising is also taking a heavy hit in the global crisis.