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The new jerseys of AC Milan in Slam Jam Milan store

Again, the Rossoneri want to gain a better visibility of his brand identity

The new jerseys of AC Milan in Slam Jam Milan store Again, the Rossoneri want to gain a better visibility of his brand identity

From today, in the store of Slam Jam in via Lanza in Milan, you can buy the three kits of AC Milan 2020/21 season, branded Puma. After the releases of last year, the partnership between Slam Jam and AC Milan continues, which with Puma, helps to build a very solid bond between the football club and its commercial brand.

Slam Jam is one of the hottest fashion companies in recent years, a retail company founded in Ferrara in 1989 and which, today, has become a well-known brand all over the world. From the idea of Luca Benini, its founder, Slam Jam has become a solid brand and that brought for the first time in Italy Stussy, inaugurating a chain of collaborations with prestigious brands - such as Nike, Stussy, Carhartt, New Balance - unique in the Italian panorama, and conquering, over time, an important space in the panorama of street culture. After the opening in Ferrara Slam Jam opened a store in Milan, first in the Navigli area and now in the center of Lanza: a place not only for shopping but also for events, exhibitions and vernissage that widen the fabric of Slam Jam from fashion to design, including art and, as in this case, sport. Milan chose Slam Jam also for this, so that in an environment known for street culture and sneakers you can also cross the colors of AC Milan and the patterns of his shirt.

This marketing operation is part of a wider project of Milan to make itself more visible at a territorial level and to increase its brand identity. A choice that the Rossoneri club is making not only through retailers, but also with the three kits of this season, in which the link with Milan is represented respectively in the first kit (the pattern follows the decorations of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II), in the second one (the Mudec) and the third one (in general, the Milanese haute couture). The case of Milan and Slam Jam is an example of how the future of sports marketing is embarking on the retail way through the stores of non sports clothing, so as to find - as in this example - the jersey of Milan not only in the stores of Puma or in the Milan Official Store, but also in streetwear realities like Slam Jam. The relationship between football and fashion is increasingly intersected and club insiders are realizing it: the places of streetstyle and fashion cultures are opening up more and more to sports products.