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The atlas of the sponsors of the next Serie A season

Nike and adidas resist but Made in Italy reigns

The atlas of the sponsors of the next Serie A season Nike and adidas resist but Made in Italy reigns

Saturday 19 at 18:00, Stadio Franchi: with Fiorentina-Torino will restart Serie A, just 47 days after the conclusion of the last tournament. A championship that will resume with several novelties, such as that of La Spezia, for the first time in Serie A, as well as its technical sponsor Acerbis. Or for the first historic adidas in Cagliari F.C.. The partnership between the Sardinian team and adidas is a further testimony of the company’s will to build a strong brand, associating investments in the field with a first-class aesthetic scaffolding.

Other novelties among the upcoming Serie A suits are those of Fiorentina and U.C. Sampdoria. The Commisso team, from this year - until 2026 - will be supplied by Kappa, leaving then Le Coq Sportif; Fiorentina will then reach Napoli, Genoa CFC and Benevento Calcio. Sampdoria also wore the Turin brand last year, but this year, the Blucerchiati will be signed by Macron as well as Bologna, Udinese, Hellas Verona and Lazio. The Bolognese brand is carving out an important space in professional football: in Serie A it has five clubs, one less than last year, to which are also added Reggiana, Reggina and Spal Serie B. There is not a great experimentalism in the patterns of Macron - for this reason, very often, they are judged very aseptic and without particular forms of originality - but at the same time, in the last eight years has dressed Lazio, plus other international clubs such as Real Sociedad, Nice, Sporting Lisbon, Club Brugge and Stella Rossa among others. An important dimension for the brand that, for three years, is the most chosen by the teams in Serie A. Only Kappa manages to stay behind the stable of the Bolognese brand with four sponsored companies. Unlike other European tournaments, however, in Italy there is a great use of national technical sponsors. In the other four European Championships, no tournament has the same number of teams dressed as a national technical sponsor: only Germany, home of Puma and adidas, has eight clubs with German partners.

The Italian scene remains very similar to that of the last championship, considering that several clubs - Genoa, Benevento, Turin and Atalanta - last year had just signed contracts with their respective technical partners, and for this year, there was no need to change. Parma F.C. has fed continuity with the (local) brand Errea, the same Crotone F.C., signed Zeus after 15 years from the first partnership with the brand of Torre Annunziata.

As said, the big ones have not changed the relationship with their technical partners. Milan came out with very original patterns related to the relationship between the club and the city of Milan, last the third jersey released two days ago. Juventus - again with adidas - saw the return of the stripes, accompanied by a gold font; Napoli had to greet - because of the new rules of the League on the insertion of sponsors on the shirt - the panel of the historic main partner Lete, so as to have the writing red on a background entirely blue, while on the sleeves were put dark blue edges.

This will be, instead, the last year of Nike in the Capital. AS Roma have already announced the early interruption with their American partner and, even now, is hunting for the next sponsor of the new American team Friedkin, but in the meantime, the uniforms for this new season are a great tribute to the history of the club. Inter Milan, on the other hand, continue their unbridled relationship with the Swoosh through a very experimental set of jerseys, although it is clear that in the hearts of fans will enter the third one, inspired by the UEFA Cup of '98.