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The incredible world of the "Shirtless Plantain Show"

The creative project we don't deserve but we needed

The incredible world of the Shirtless Plantain Show The creative project we don't deserve but we needed

"The Shirtless Plantain Show is a football dictatorship inspired by Nigerian heritage and fueled by banter".
This is the official answer to the question "What is Shirtless Plantain Show?", But if you stop, you only risk scratching the surface. In reality, it is a relatively young project, born during the 2018 World Cup, which aims to live and talk about football through a variety of cultures and in an irreverent way.

From the bio it is clear that there is comedy, there is irreverence, but above all there is a passion for the world of football: "The ‘Shirtless Plantain’ moniker is an inside joke shared between every human that can trace their origins to any location within 5 hours north or south of the equator. We strive to play in between the lines of pop and soccer culture via our authentic and unique perspectives. The ultimate goal is to make you understand why football is not only fun, but also why the sport matters so much to so many - whether you like plantains or not.

Behind all this is Tosin Makinde, a decidedly sui generis character who makes creativity his best weapon. When you read "I wanted to become a professional footballer. Then I wanted to be a lawyer. Now I connect culture with the words and ideas of the big picture" you understand a lot of Tosin's personality, a talent that knows no boundaries: he is a "first- generation Nigerian-British-American "and multiculturalism has always been in its DNA. In addition to working as a brand strategist, coprywriter and host on Youtube, Makinde is the creative director of the "Shirtless Plantain Show" and his creations - famous football shirts revisited - honor him.

Every week "The Shirtless Plantain Show" produces a podcast on Spotify in which it hosts designers, players and former athletes, journalists from all over the world to tell a different vision of the world of football.