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"A tutela della maglia del Napoli"

When the shirt comes before everything else

A tutela della maglia del Napoli When the shirt comes before everything else

The launch of the new Napoli kits has raised perplexity among the Neapolitan fans. The crusade of the fans against the color chosen for one of the two jersey sponsors seems to be understandable from an aesthetic point of view, less understandable if we consider the fury with which they lashed out against "Lete". Rumors about the shirt have been running for months now and, in a place where the shirt comes before any name and any goal, a social movement has been born at the same time, which collects this wave of dissent. The names of the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts are very clear: "To protect the Napoli shirt".

A movement that in a short time has built a community that is committed to returning the Napoli shirt to its ancient splendor, when it was considered a must that has transformed over the years into a cult object of a football that no longer exists. From the days of the extraordinary NR jerseys to the historic Nike with "Peroni" sponsors, passing through memorabilia like the "Mars" in red from the 88-89 season and Umbro with "Voiello". A jersey that has lost its aesthetic value over the years, despite the positive results and up to the expectations of one of the most demanding fans on the Italian scene.

The contents of the accounts are not limited to underlining the various errors / horrors, but carry forward concrete proposals with well-made concepts, with possible variants of shirts already presented or used, making use of a historical memory that has always distinguished the blue cheer. "To protect the Napoli shirt" is something that can only be born in a square like Naples, with a proud and "attached to the shirt" supporters, which gives immense intrinsic value to what over the years has been the second skin of champions such as Maradona, Careca, Hamsik, Mertens, Lavezzi, Higuain, Cavani.