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Unwanted: the story of Nicolas Viola's tattoos

The history and style of the Diez of Benevento Calcio

Unwanted: the story of Nicolas Viola's tattoos The history and style of the Diez of Benevento Calcio

The fashion of tattoos has gone further, especially in the past 5 years. The advent of the trap style has invaded the changing rooms, not only musically but also aesthetically. The tattoos have moved from Messi's arms, from Ibra's back, from the pioneering neck of David Beckham and from Icardi's chest to the face of the sportsmen. It's a trend closer to American culture - DeShawn Stevenson Lucas Nogueira and Stephon Marbury the most recognizable NBA cases - but the first experiments also come in our football. The tattooed necks of Radja, Perotti and Miccoli are no longer news. The examples of Quaresma and Pinilla are the results of a new aesthetic frontier, made of tears (like Lil Wayne), diamonds and crosses for the Portuguese, while Pinigol takes refuge in a motivational phrase ("Blessed for life") divided between the two side of his head.

There are those who, however, the art of tattooing had to use it to cover their history before being struck by it. This is the case of Nicolas Viola, reference point of the Benevento midfield. To explain who El Diez of Stregoni is, better rely on the words of his coach, Pippo Inzaghi:

"On my first day as manager of Benevento, I made a round of calls and called him too to tell him that I had great faith in him. He immediately replied 'Mister, I want to join the national team'. This makes you understand the mentality he has and to achieve his goals he really gives everything he has"

Very pure left-handed, midfielder who turned into a more backward role, born in Oppido Mamertina and raised in Taurianova, in the most authentic Calabria. Psychology student, boundless lover of Freud, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and, of course, tattoos. He said several times in several interviews that "Freud changed my life and my latest tattoo is dedicated to him", almost as if he wanted to mark his skin with his greatest passions. Yet, looking at it closely, Nicolas seems to have come out of the set of "Pirates of the Caribbean", with an almost pirate-like beauty and aesthetic.

His tattoos tell her story: dates, faces, years, a tiger, references to his favorite philosopher. It has many, scattered all over the body and 3 on the visa: a "XVII", a cross and an "Unwanted". A scar on his right eyebrow marked his waist: "I was 4 years old. I played soccer on the street and had an accident. An indelible sign". On that scar there is now a tattoo: "It is written unwanted. As a sign of destiny". The style with which he wears them makes him different from all the others.

This year he scored 9 goals and scored his first career hat-trick. He reached Serie A with Inzaghi, with President Vigorito and with a city that today can call home. Benevento is the stage that has allowed us to return to the highest level championship, a category that deserves and that lives up to its technical skills according to his coach: "Nicolas, as I always say, has lost a lot of time in B because he is according to a player from another category. For me it was a positive surprise, especially as a person and as a man, also because I already knew him as a footballer. He trains in an incredible way, he has a gym at home".


Serie A earns a character that he has known down but that he has not had the opportunity to fully appreciate. Cheekiness, style and tattoos: you can expect everything from Nicolas Viola, El Diez of Stregoni.