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Dress Like Alessandro Bastoni

The street outfits of the Inter hype defender

Dress Like Alessandro Bastoni The street outfits of the Inter hype defender

Alessandro Bastoni is not only the future of the defense of the Italian national team: the left-handed from Casalmaggiore, in addition to being already a source of inspiration for young players for his way of setting up the game ''like Sergio Ramos'', seems to have anticipated the times also as regards his way of dressing. The fact that the 21-year-old Inter player already has the economic availability of an established player does not justify the fact that he must also know how to spend his earnings, especially when it comes to outfits. But evidently everything is easy for Alessandro: it happens on the field, playing nonchalantly a key role in one of the big names in our championship and in everyday life, wearing casually a shoe of his sneakers rotation, which in this case is any Air Jordan 1 that carries with it an unquantifiable hype.

The organization, the concreteness and the simplicity that Inter's number 95 brings with it in the green rectangle, seems also programmed for its outfits: it would seem easy, given that Bastoni - for simple anagraphical reasons - lived in full the passage of the streetwear from the street to the catwalks, but we shouldn't think that it is so easy to apply "simple rules" to obtain a sophisticated yet equally contemporary look. Of course, being an NBA fan and following the style of your favorite players certainly helps, but in his ''basicity'' Bastoni always finds an item that affects attention in a positive way and it isn't so obvious, especially if you think about what we have been used to seeing when it comes to young promises.

We retrace the best outfits which Alessandro Bastoni has been seen off the field with so far, for the most part in the front row at the Olimpia Milano games, as a respectable basketball fan.

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