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Nike Flight Ball, the football of the future

Aerodynamics and purity for what Nike calls "game-changing football"

Nike Flight Ball, the football of the future Aerodynamics and purity for what Nike calls game-changing football

The technology that is invading the pitch has already touched fundamental aspects of the game invented by the British in the mid-1800s. The goal line technology, the VAR, the new tools to describe football are all aspects that are changing the most popular sport in the world. Suppliers play a fundamental role in this evolution, such as Nike for example. The swoosh has just released the new competition ball of the main European leagues: it's called Flight Ball and from Beaverton they guarantee that it's a game-changing football, one of those inventions that change the perception of things.

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⠀ Dear World, ⠀ This is an invitation to #playwithlove, a ball rolling in your direction, a letter marked URGENT. ⠀ Football needs you. All of you. ⠀ The fast. The free. The fearless. The Sunday footballer telling stories in the pub. The tricksters. The outspoken. The kids from the neighborhood— from Paris, São Paulo, Los Angeles, London. The attackers, the defenders, the keepers standing alone. The back-flippers. The tea-sippers. The pitches, the parks, the courts, the alleyways, the sand lots, the streets. The fans who never stop singing. ⠀ It all starts with you. It all starts with a ball. ⠀ See you soon. ⠀ Love, Football. ⠀ P.S. Join us and hit the link in bio for more. ⠀ #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer

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It took 8 years of studies, research and tests to get to the product that Nike Football launches today. A ball that, thanks to AerowSculpt's patented aerodynamic technology, is ready to write new pages of football and physics applied to football. This new tech direction will allow the ball to suffer less from the aerodynamic effects when it is in the air and have 30% less oscillations than the last Nike balls. During the launch, the American brand showed the product in its basic color, but will be declined chromatically according to the championship - to date, the use is confirmed in Serie A, Premier League and in Prem'er-Liga. The design is not smooth and, on the contrary, it is completely crossed by "waves" which allow, at the moment of contact with the air, not to undergo variations and to be more precise, exactly as it works in the aerodynamic mechanisms of a golf ball.

The design refers to the ball used during the 1999 Champions League final between Bayer Monaco and Manchester United. The idea of purity that transfers the Flight Ball is one of the main objectives of the Nike Equipment Innovation Lab, the magical place where all the cutting-edge ideas that Nike produces take shape.


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