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Yeezy on the court

The silhouettes designed by Kanye West seen on the NBA parquet

Yeezy on the court The silhouettes designed by Kanye West seen on the NBA parquet

Yesterday was the day of the drop of the Yeezy Quantum ''Barium'', the umpteenth silhouette designed by Kanye West for adidas. For the first time we are not talking about sneakers intended for the purely ''fashion'' sphere, but about an area related to performance - and more specifically to basketball - so much so that the first leaks had called it Yeezy ''BSKTBL'' .

Although it is an off-the-court ''hype'' model, several NBA players have already taken the field with the Yeezy on their feet and when we talk about Yeezy we are not referring only to the latest model released for adidas: Nike Air Yeezy 1 ''Zen Gray'', Nike Air Yeezy 2 ''Solar Red'', ''Red October'' and ''Pure Platinum'', adidas Yeezy Boost 750 ''Triple Black'' and ''Gray Glow in the Dark'' and adidas Yeezy 500 ''Desert Rat'' have been worn by undisputed champions and wingmen who have recorded more for their reputation as a sneakerhead than for their performance on the field.

Nick Young

Swaggy P is one of those NBA players who has such credibility (off the pitch) that he can afford such a "risky" choice. On December 13, 2015, after a long period of free-agency sneakers, he went down to the Staples Center parquet, wanting to underline what his choice had been: and so here are a pair of adidas Yeezy Boost ''Triple Black'', followed by a few weeks then from the ''Grey Glow in the Dark''. After a period of almost three years in which his sneaker-rotation was purely performance-oriented, here he is then appearing on February 27, 2018 with adidas Yeezy 500, arousing an infinite series of comments on his Instagram account.


PJ Tucker

The ''sneakers king'' par excellence has accustomed us to see the rarest shoes in the world at his feet, as the Nike Air Yeezy 2 ''Cheetah'' spotted almost a year ago during the Paris Fashion Week. But even on the field he has always managed it in a more than dignified way: he was undoubtedly the player who showed off the largest number of Kanye silos, also taking advantage of the 6 months of contractual freedom in which he was able to show off all his archive, including Nike Air Yeezy 1 ''Zen Gray''.


Nate Robinson

The first of this special list to have ever worn a pair of Yeezy during an NBA game: Kryptonate on March 7, 2013 during a "Latino Night" against the Spurs comes with Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Solar Red", an absolute novelty at a time when the sneaker-mania had not yet fully exploded. However, this was not the first time ever: in fact, a few months earlier, the guard of the then Bulls had recorded the trailer of a documentary concerning him with another color of Air Yeezy 2, a shoe that years later will be an inspiration for a real silhouette of Nike Basketball, the Kyrie 6.


LeBron James

In anticipation of race-2 of the 2014 Finals against the Spurs, LeBron trains with a pair of Nike Air Yeezy ''Red October'' released a few months earlier. This is a more unique than rare event for a player used to showing off only their signature shoes, except for celebratory occasions in which he wore Kobes (more recently) and Jordans.


Zach LaVine

After a long wait and countless leaks in which it was confirmed that Kanye West was designing a basketball shoe, here are adidas Yeezy Quantum ''Barium'' - but at the time still called ''BSKTBL'' - take the field for the first aimed at Zach LaVine during the Three Point Contest of the All Star Game 2020. Zach, used to winning another contest during the All Star break, will be eliminated in the first round, taking home the most stylish player title of the evening.


Brandon Ingram

The only reason LaVine didn't win the All Star Game 2020 ''Most Hyped Player'' title is Brandon Ingram. During the real ''game of the stars'', the Pelicans wing shows up with the shoe used the night before by the Bulls' guard, but that's not all: to watch the game, the shoe designer is sitting in the front row, to which Ingram autographs her before the ball at two. A scene that addicted sneakers could not fail to notice and that diverted attention from the competition. But in the end, even if the format has changed, the NBA All Star Game is pure entertainment.