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Dress like Antonio Cassano

The outfits which the talent of Bari Vecchia will be remembered for

Dress like Antonio Cassano The outfits which the talent of Bari Vecchia will be remembered for

Antonio Cassano has never been considered an example of constancy and resilience on the field despite his immense talent; however, he can boast the etymology of the word "cassanata", a term that roughly indicates an irreverent and brazen behavior, the same adjectives that could be used to define his outfit on the day of his presentation at the court of Florentino Perez.

Antonio Cassano appeared on the geographical map of ''football that counts'' - and at the same time on the scouting list of the big names in Europe - on the evening of December 18, 1999, when at the age of 17 he made Inter's defenders lose their head by scoring a goal that will remain forever in the memory of the football fans. But with such a particular character and such a low propensity to sacrifice, the only aspect of his career that can be defined as homogeneous is his way of dressing, a sometimes gruesome scenario which, however, indelibly marked the trends of the early 2000s. .

Talent of Bari Vecchia

At the beginning of his career, still a teenager, the young man from Bari Vecchia did not have this interest in getting noticed except for his ballistic skills and the few repertoire images can confirm it: no particular hairstyle and no flashy jacket, but a aesthetic that vaguely recalls the ultras, characterized by oversized 90s duvets and sober colors. The gel was not long in arriving on her hair, but it seems that at that precise historical moment she preferred to wear an accessory on her head: the helmet.

The footballer

In the five years he spent in the capital Fantantonio he discovered what it meant to be a professional footballer, trying to recover in those few years all the hazards he had kept placated up to that moment. Experimentation was the basis of her looks and her outfits were only the anticipation of what was about to happen: we begin to see hair with blonde streaks, the first brilliants en pendant with showy watches, sberlucciic rings and gold chains who have started to see themselves only on the trapper's shoulders. And then it is seen for the first time with the item with which it will remain perennially associated throughout its life: the fur coat.


In a recent interview with Bobo Vieri, the attention was focused for the umpteenth time on that moment: ''the jacket I was wearing was of the highest level, it cost three thousand euros and only I had it. And I believe it, it was a beige fur coat with all the skin of I don't know which animal, I think a deer''. We are obviously talking about his presentation at Real Madrid, probably the only vicissitude for which the talent of Bari with the camiseta blanca will be remembered. It was the 2006/2007 season and the Galacticos had real trend setters in their squad such as David Beckham, Ronaldo, Raul and a young Sergio Ramos. And Antonio wanted to prove that he was up to them, at least off the pitch.


The return to Italy had been announced as that of the prodigal son: many expectations, a fleeing champion who finally returns to his country with the hope that he had forgotten in Spain all the excesses for which he had made himself known. But no, in ten years between Sampdoria, Milan, Inter and Parma (and Verona) no flash of genius but the usual, recidivism out of control: kicking flags, complicated relationships with each of its president and an outfit that every now and again came back in fashion , underpants. Yes, because in addition to his trademarks - that is, the bright and receding hair but persistently gelled - the only common denominator of this long ride to failures was his way of celebrating (or complaining) during important games, practically naked.


The closer the time for the retreat was, the more his appearances on TV increased. An Antonio father and husband now feels obliged to maintain a sober look and, living on past glories despite an almost bare palmares, he undresses of all the fashions that have distinguished him to take the parts of the ex-eternal wise promise, in able to give advice to future rising stars hoping that at least they will avoid all his "cassanate". And then there are some very classic dark denim combined with plain polo shirts or t-shirts, with the maximum expression of "cool outfit" interpreted through Gucci's rings or monogram sweatshirts. Now Fantantonio is mature.