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Karim Benzema's garage

A 7 million euro luxury car collection

Karim Benzema's garage A 7 million euro luxury car collection

When you think of a player of the highest level, you immediately think of the trophies and how much the football career we have contributed to increasing the bank account zeros. When it comes to Karim Benzema, however, the size is completely different. In the field of Coco - as all his friends have called him since the time of the Academy of Olympique Lyonnais - he is one of the most technical center forward in the world; off the field, Karim is simply a millionaire enjoying his assets (estimated between 40 and 50 million euros in 2020).

Fashion is one of its main focuses, along with music, but neither equals the passion for luxury cars of the 32-year-old Real Madrid striker. His garage in 2018 was worth 3.7 million euros. Not bad, you say. In the following two years, however, the value of the same has tripled, thanks to some rather important grafts. In the car collection of the French of Algerian origins there are in no particular order: a Mercedes, a McLaren, three Lamborghinis, a Ferrari, a Rolls Royce, three Audi and two Bugatti.


Mercedez-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss

Let's start in silence, but not too much. This jewel was made in only 75 units and is dedicated to the great pilot Stirling Moss. The 650 hp V8 engine pushes it up to a maximum of 350 km/h and the journey from 0 to 100 km/h is covered in 3.5 seconds. The Stirling Moss SLR is sold only to selected customers: to have it, in fact, you must already have a basic McLaren SLR and pay € 850,000 to take it home.


Ferrari 458 Spyder

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A great classic in every self-respecting football garage. The pearl of Maranello is slightly more inflated than those of other colleagues in the department, but not having it available represents an insult to wealth. Also because, in the end, it costs very little: 230,000 euros. Messi, Ozil and Neymar have the same fire red fireball in their garage.


Rolls Royce Wraith

From one classic to another. The Rolls Royce is certainly a timeless car, but the success it has with footballers (even younger ones) is surprising. Nobody will match Beckham's style - an Englishman driving a luxurious Englishman - but Karim brings home one of the most incredible pieces in the automotive sector. The 285,000 euros put on the plate to have luxury on four wheels are worth all. The white Wraith version gives that extra touch of elegance.


The Bugatti Veyron and Chiron

Here the standard rises dramatically. These two jewels are perhaps worth as much as the entire collection: on the one hand the 1.7 million Veyron (produced only 450 units), on the other the newly arrived Chiron Noire Sports for 2.5 million euros (produced in 500 from 1500 hp). If Ferrari and Rolls Royce are excellent arguments for sitting at the table of footballers who believe in the status quo deriving from engines, Bugatti is a passepartout to enter an exclusive and elite club. Having two could almost mean being the owner of this club. Ronaldo is one of the few footballers to have it and not even the richest footballer in the world has two.


The Lamborghini trio: Aventador, Urus and Huracan Spyder

Starting after a Bugatti brace is tough, but Lamborghini's hat-trick is a good way to get your eyes back. Three different cars, three similar prices for a total value that is close to one million euros for one of the most incredible hat tricks of KB's career. The colors are unusual: the Urus, the youngest, is a classic yellow; the Aventador is red, aggressive as it should be; the Huracan Spyder is completely black.


Mercedes-Benz AMG G63

Leaving the Lamborghini Urus as the garage's only SUV is insensitive. Karim, therefore, places one of the most (pre) powerful Mercedes cars in the class next to the majestic product of the Bologna-based San'Agata car manufacturer. The Mercedes AMG G63 is a 585-horsepower specimen, a car of enormous dimensions capable of doing 0 to 100 km/h in just over 4 seconds. All for the modest sum of 160,000 euros.


Audi gifts

One of Real Madrid's main sponsors is Audi. To those who wear the camiseta blanca, the Ingolstadt house gives the car they prefer. In addition, with every trophy raised, Audi spoils the players with some new toys just baked from Germany. Considering that Benzema with the blancos has won 4 Champions League and two championships, the "secondary" garage must be full of Audi. In fact Karim boasts an RS6, a Q8 and an RS3, just something to go shopping comfortably.