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The Codogno shirt winner of the Erreà contest

The competition involved children aged 7 to 14

The Codogno shirt winner of the Erreà contest The competition involved children aged 7 to 14

The contest launched by Erreà and the R.C. Codogno 1908, who chose the shirt that the Lombard team will use in the next championship of Excellence.

A long ''game'' ended in the photo finish, played on the creative genius combined with the imagination and ability to dream of the small athletes of the Basic Activity (years from 2007 to 2014) who, to the sound of likes on the Instagram channel of the company came to the final act with the official proclamation of the winner.

Thanks to the votes and participation of families and fans, the jersey designed by James with 1,735 likes is ranked first, followed by Tommaso with 908 and Paolo with 675. Blue base, the uniform is characterized by the wolf symbol printed in transfer and stylized in white which acts as a protagonist by cutting the uniform transversely until it touches the corporate emblem. A symbolic tricolor border framing and defining the sleeve edge.

Here are the words of the little protagonist: ''I liked the idea of drawing a wolf with a tribal style, because I associate my society with a tribe with whom I identify with values and where I can express myself best'' - James explains determinedly - . ''I chose the colors of the company and I thought of a gritty and captivating cut of the shirt, as I am''.

Erreà Sport has rendered the designs for viewing the shirt in 3D and will create the winning shirt. But that's not all: on site there is the creation of a dedicated video together with many other surprises intended to make this competition unforgettable and to set it as a starting point, especially at a youth level, for the activity of the RC. Codogno 1908, historic club in the center of an area particularly affected by the tragic effects of Covid-19.

Always particularly attentive and sensitive to the world of children, Erreà shared the purpose of this contest which allowed the boys to keep themselves entertained in a fun way and let their imagination fly in a particularly delicate moment. Pure emotions stimulated by the R.C. Codogno 1908 and Erreà Sport which together send a message of hope and positivity to the world of football.