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Nike unveils the ''Neighborhood Pack''

To celebrate the places where street football has taken roots

Nike unveils the ''Neighborhood Pack'' To celebrate the places where street football has taken roots

Nike launches the "Neighborhood pack" to celebrate the historical fields where football was born: in fact, in the new designs of Mercurial, Phantom VNM and VSN II and Tiempo there are the postal codes of the main places in Europe and South America where the football has its roots.

Although Euro 2020 and America's Cup will not be played for now, the main football leagues are slowly resuming their activity and to celebrate his return Nike has decided to launch the new package in a color ''Metallic Bomber Gray, Black and Red''. The basic color of the shoes is silver - a clear reference to the trophies for which all players are playing - while making a debut a bumpy Swoosh that replaces the classic logo giving a more aggressive aesthetic.

The postal codes that are on the various silhouettes are 11 and represent the neighborhoods in 10 of the cities that would host the games at Euro 2020 and Copa America 2020: they are not the codes of the neighborhoods of the stadiums where the games would be played but of the neighborhoods of the cities where street football has spread, celebrating the mantra "from the streets to the stadium". These are: Georgia, Nápoles, 03810, Mexico City; Rue Gaston Defferre, 93140, Bondy, Paris; Lavapiés 28012, Madrid; Placa de Josep M. Folch i Torres, 08001, Barcelona; Badstraße 53 13357, Berlin; West Way Fields, White City, W12 0DF, London, Pekcham, SE15, London; Via Veglia, 20159, Milan; Av. Cond. Elizabeth Robin, 5120, San Paolo; Cerritos Park 110121, Bogota; Barrios of La Boca C1160ABM, Buenos Aires.

For the Mercurial, both for the Vapor and the Superfly, there is a strong silver coating on a textured upper, while the red flows along the lateral side of the shoe, with the numbering appearing laterally up to the lower side. The '' new '' Swoosh is instead on the forefoot, slightly less evident than the other silhouettes in the pack.

The Phantom VNM instead has one of the most striking designs seen to date, with the red Swoosh contrasting with the black for an extraordinary combination. The numbers here are highlighted in the red band that wraps the forefoot, while a subtle pink graphic on the side contrasts the different shades of gray and silver in the upper part.

For the Phantom VSN II, the codes are divided between the band that runs again on the forefoot and the heel. The VSN II boasts both an edged and an unlined Swoosh zip, which occupies positions on the medial and lateral sides respectively.

The package is completed by Tiempo, once again in silver, with the Swoosh delimited once again by a stronger contrast. Like the Phantom VSN II, the numbering is again divided, but here it is all limited to the back of the foot, taking position through the red band on the side and on the heel.

The Nike ''Neighborhood Pack'' is available from this morning, Monday 1st of June, on the Nike website and in selected retailers.