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CONI opens the eSports recognition process

Decisive the victory at Euro2020 eSports of the national football team

CONI opens the eSports recognition process Decisive the victory at Euro2020 eSports of the national football team

Exactly a month and a half ago we wondered if the quarantine could be the best time for the growth of eSports. Quarantine, the rhythms of life that have become much more homely and other similar components ensure that the response is positive. After 90 days, the eSports scenario in Italy has completely changed - for the better. In this month and a half there have been three great news: the opening of the official social channels of the Italian national football team, the victory of the same at Euro2020 eSports and for some hours the recognition of the eSports federation by CONI.

In short, there is to celebrate, but we proceed with order. The opening of the new official eNational channels on InstagramTwitter and Facebook represent an important milestone, a first investiture of what the role of the national eSports will be in the near future. Having social reference points, nowadays, serves to increase the credibility of a project that is already giving great satisfaction. Italian e-sports talents are among the best at the moment, not only in football. In e-F1, for example, Ferrari excels in international competitions thanks to a first-rate virtual team.

4 days ago on the first pages of the Gazzetta dello Sport there wasn't "EVERYTHING TRUE" as in 2006, even if after years a European triumph has arrived. Rosario AccursoCarmine LiuzziAlfonso Mereu and Nicola Lillo beat 3-1 on PES 2020, the best of the five games, the Serbian national team winning the title of European champions. Also in light of this important success, CONI has decided to reward the Italian eSports Association #ITeSPA and GEC - Competitive Electronic Games #GEC, a reality able to standardize the Italian eSports landscape by founding FIDE, or the Italian Federation of Electronic Disciplines.

"FIDE, holding the E-Sports International, Inc. and Esports Europe awards, becomes the only federation able to comply with the recognition procedures such as CONI #DSA. In fact, thanks to the WESCO and IESF - International Esports Federation agreement, # IeSF is the one and only governing body for e-Sports, the only body entitled to represent the world of exports before the #IOC and #GAISF" reads a note from the Italian National Olympic Committee. "FIDE, with joy, takes note of this great step forward for eSports in Italy, and in agreement with the international federation, will file the CONI recognition application in the coming weeks, strengthened by having achieved the formal and substantial requirements required, to have grouped the export world, to have the only valid recognition for the purposes of recognition and certain of the great and important role of coordinator of the recognition process of Dr. Barbone"