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The new adidas "UNIFORIA Pack"

The colorways of Predator, Copa, Nemeziz and X are inspired by abstract art

The new adidas UNIFORIA Pack The colorways of Predator, Copa, Nemeziz and X are inspired by abstract art

adidas unveils the new colors of Predator, Nemeziz, Copa and X of the UNIFORIA pack that enhances the unity and power that inspires the creativity of art and football, to give self-expression on and off the pitch.

The starting point for each model was a white base that mirrored an artist's white canvas, animated by bright colors through a brushstroke design applied sparingly in the style of abstract art for an impactful and handcrafted aesthetic.

The UNIFORIA package features the Predator Mutator 20+, usually worn by Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, complete with its DEMONSKIN innovation for a superior level of touch, control and rotation on the ball, rethought with Pop brush-style details, in contrast with the white background of the shoe.

The new COPA 20+, which instead is the shoe with which Paulo Dybala goes on the field, mixes Purple Tint & Black, creating an equally bold design aesthetic characterized by the leather exterior of the shoe and the knitted collar, which allows a clean contact with the ball.

A similar palette is used for Leo Messi's Nemeziz 19+, which combines Signal Green with Team Royal Blue.

The collection is completed by the X 19+, with vibrant Shock Pink details used exclusively on the low-cut model of the shoe and on the 3D-modeled heel, giving it an elegant and minimalist look.

The UNIFORIA package is available on and selected retailers starting today, Tuesday 26th of May.