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Michael Jordan's home in Highland Park

On sale since 2012, its market value has gone from 29 to 15 million

Michael Jordan's home in Highland Park On sale since 2012, its market value has gone from 29 to 15 million

If you are on vacation in Illinois in search of the perfect rhythm and blues and you have consulted a map of the places to visit in the Chicago metropolitan area, among these there is certainly 2700 Point Dr, Highland Park, IL 60035, where is the famous "Gate 23" that delimits one of the 3 entrances of the house of Michael Jeffrey Jordan at the time when he played for the Bulls.

We return to talk about one of the most discussed luxury properties of the last 30 years and we do it at a particular moment considering that its value has just been halved. Keith Flamer of Forbes called it "the brutal Chicago real estate market with Jordan to the same extent that the Detroit Bad Boys were". The 5,000 square meter property has been on the market since 2012 and the first listing was 29 million. Exactly 8 years later, the same property is "just" worth $ 14.9 million. Vale thinks to understand why and above all take a ride in one of the most luxurious maisons on the East Coast.

Geographically located in Highland Park, a real private forest reserve, complete with a lake and an entrance avenue that could practically be as long as the main road of an average Italian city. Built from scratch, construction began in 1991 and ended only 4 years later. It has been shaped by Michael Jordan's tastes, hobbies and passions and boasts 9 bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms, 4 half bathrooms and a garage for 14 cars. And that's just to start. The "Jordan Maison" has one of the most impressive entrances ever built for a private home, a double staircase and almost all floors are marble, to better reflect natural light. In terms of design, the common thread between the rooms is the mix between bronze, brown and black.

Everything is extremely personalized and according to Katherine Malkin, Compass real estate expert, this is one of the reasons why the property cannot be sold. The "Air Jordan" logos are practically everywhere, everything seems designed to be the perfect fit for MJ's habits and, even if the house is tastefully furnished, this compromises what in America they call "estate's salability" which we would translate with "sellability of the property". In addition to the "normal" rooms for a house, the property has 7 acres of forest, 5 lounges where lots of natural light enters thanks to very high windows, a circular infinity pool, 3 kitchens with as many "floating" islands, a basketball court regulation, a super-equipped gym, a cinema room (the Air Jordan home theater), a tennis court, a golf course, but above all it has two incredible goodies: a room entirely dedicated to cigars and a lounge structured to look like a hall of a casino.

The real estate sector has suffered greatly from the global pandemic and prices have almost collapsed. The flat moment is another reason that caused the drastic drop in the prices of MJ's villa - already listed 30 times the price of the other houses in the luxurious area of Highland Park. "Most people in Chicago who could financially maintain a property of this size would have built on the lake," says Malkin. "But Michael chose privacy and a position that allowed him to take the freeway in no time and reach the facilities where he trained with the Bulls".

Although the house is fabulous, Michael Jordan did not want the crews to come into his own homes, John Hehir, the director of "The Last Dance" confessed to Insider. MJ was interviewed in three different houses, but none of them were his.