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ESPN will produce a documentary about Tom Brady's 9 Super Bowl

"Man in the Arena" will follow the same dynamics of The Last Dance "?

ESPN will produce a documentary about Tom Brady's 9 Super Bowl Man in the Arena will follow the same dynamics of The Last Dance ?

After the overflowing success of "The Last Dance", ESPN already has the next 9-episode docuserie in the pipeline dedicated to the football version of Michael Jordan. "Man in the Arena" will be the story of the icon Tom Brady, legend of New England Patriots and winner of 6 Super Bowl, just like the rings of MJ. That the Jason Hehir series would open a new path and a new dimension to the sports documentary format was known even before the release of "The Last Dance" and ESPN's choice to continue telling the GOATs of different sports goes into this direction.

The nine episodes that will make up the series represent the nine Super Bowl played by Tom Brady, the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers player. There is still no information on the release date, on the methods of distribution, but the numbers of the docuserie on the Chicago Bulls of 1997-98 are too significant to imagine a very different strategy. What so far transpires from sources close to ESPN and the other realities involved for the realization is that the release date will probably be in 2021.

"We are in the phase in which we are defining the key moments and seemingly insurmountable challenges that only thanks to hard work and perseverance have turned into triumphs that have defined my career, regardless of victory and defeat"
Tom Brady in a note

The best all-time player - as well as the most successful in terms of rings - has more than a few similarities with Michael Jordan. Just like the #23 of the Chicago Bulls, Brady will not just tell his story, his high and low moments, but he will participate in the project with 199 Productions, his very own production house launched last March. Brady, to ensure the success of his new business in Hollywood, requested the advice and partnership of Anthony and Joe Russo, the two minds behind "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Endgame". The direction will be entrusted to Gotham Chopra, former author of "Religion of Sports" and "Kobe Bryant's Muse".

The similarities between Jordan and Brady, however, do not seem to hold out completely. In recent years, the comparison that has been gaining ground is that between Lebron James and the ex Patriots quarterback. Even the simple title recalls more the #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers than the former #23 of the Chicago Bulls. "Man in the Arena", in fact, is one of the most seen writings on LBJ's Nike, especially on Lebron 15. "The Man in the Arena" is a part of a famous speech that Theodore Roosevelt gave in 1910, with the title "Citizenship In A Republic". Roosvelt with his words intended to give credit to those who continue to work hard to improve themselves and urged them not to worry about those who criticized. Continuing to do good deeds to make a difference and not simply remaining as a person who has not contributed to a great cause were the cardinal principles of that speech.