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The new Nike campaign told by LeBron James

The second episode of the series ''You Can't Stop Us''

The new Nike campaign told by LeBron James The second episode of the series ''You Can't Stop Us''

''It happened to everyone to feel undervalued or excluded, in those moments we thought it was over.

But it is precisely when they all gave up on us

that we have found the last strength to fight again''.

With these words, the narrative voice of LeBron James presents us with the new Nike campaign "Never Too Far Down" which is directly linked to the one launched in the midst of a pandemic, entitled instead "Play for the World".

Both are part of the ''You Cant 'Stop Us'' series, or motivational clips used by the Beaverton brand to stimulate sportsmen around the world to ''not stop'' despite the complications caused by Covid-19, using it as an excuse stories - famous - of sweat, sacrifices and tears of professional athletes such as Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafa Nadal and James himself. In fact, these are athletes who have made self-motivation their additional weapon, able to overcome limits and achieve goals that in some decisive moments of their career - see the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA Playoffs 2016 - seemed unattainable.

Interesting people have also made statements regarding their approach to returning to sports: "Although basketball - and sport - seemed different, I am excited about the possibility of returning to play, because I know how stimulating and powerful they can be sports" says James,"I think the lessons we learn from sports can inspire us all".

"Sport can still be a positive force for many people" says Woods "I can't wait to play this weekend and to create a platform to raise funds for the fight against Covid and hopefully to remember people the lightness and joy that golf and other sports can bring to the world".

"Sport is the only real thing, no matter what impression you give or where you come from, everything is left out of the arena" Williams says. ''For me, who has put everything on the field as a player, it doesn't change to be a fan or on the field, the joy is the same when someone cheers for your victories. This is due to the unity that sports bring us".