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The best 10 jerseys of Peter Schmeichel

The unmistakable style of the legendary Manchester United goalkeeper

The best 10 jerseys of Peter Schmeichel The unmistakable style of the legendary Manchester United goalkeeper

At Old Trafford they remember many great goalkeepers: Edwin Van Der Saar, Jimmy Rimmer, Alex Stepney, Fabian Barthez. No one, however, is remembered in the same way that fans remember "The Great Dane" Peter Bolesław Schmeichel. He has protected the Red Devils' goal 292 times and 42% of the games he has played with United in 8 seasons have been clean sheets, with 0 goals conceded. He would be remembered as the # 1 goalkeeper in the club's history, but the stain of having passed on to the city rivals of the Manchester City in his last year of career (2002-03) is too big a stain on a unique curriculum in the world. It is not only the technical skills that make him a giant among the posts, but his temperament and his charisma have led fans to nickname him "The Great Dane", a word game that leverages his nationality and his role as " commander".

But Peter Schmeichel was also a style icon, dressing the most incredible goalkeeper suits seen in the Premier League. Whether they are produced by Umbro - for the duration of his stay at United - or by Hummel with the Danish national team or by Diadora in the experience at Aston Villa, the way the father of the promising Kasper (currently goalkeeper of Leicester City) he wore design masterpieces was unique. In a career spanning more than 20 years, we have chosen the best 10 jerseys worn by Schmeichel.


Denmark, Euro 1992

The most beautiful, the most significant and the most surprising in some ways. Schmeichel's shirt at the 1992 European Championships is a triumph of colors, the same that will accompany his Denmark until the tournament victory. It was June 26 when John Jensen and Kim Vilford rolled out Germany and delivered the first (and only) European title to Denmark.

Manchester United, 1991

The debut season - and consequently the kit - is never forgotten. The first time Schmeichel wore the Red Devils shirt was 1991 and in that season United won the Premier League, obviously with the best defense in the league (36 goals conceded). The failure to match jersey-shorts is certainly not among the best, but the jersey with the # 1 of "The Great Dane" is superb.

Manchester United, 1993

Another round, another title and another trophy on the bulletin board, with the door practically armored with the safest gloves in the Premier League. The path for Schmeichel did not start well, who suffered two defeats in the first two defeats. But from the third day until the 42nd only 4 defeats came against the 24 victories. The green shirt with a red and blue geometric design was an inspiration for Umbro who, in recent days, has taken up this pattern to make the goalkeepers' jerseys of the South American teams. In the picture also the little Kasper: who knows if one day he can wear the shirt of Father Peter.


Manchester United, 1997

The Premier title is now a classic (he will end his career with 5 national titles), but this time it is the Champions League to be a nightmare. Although many considered United 1996-97 to be a title candidate, the race ended in the semifinal against Lars Ricken's Borussia Dortmund. The Germans will win the final against Juventus at the Olympiastadion. The constant is not only the national title but also the green on the shirts of the United goalkeepers. In season 96-97 slightly more subdued but with a hypnotic spiral design.

Aston Villa, 2001

Change of shirt, but not of style. Diadora creates the goalkeepers' uniform as if she wanted to highlight her muscles and Schmeichel responds very well. Less well, however, are the fate of the 2001-02 season of the Villans: round of 32 in the Premier League with 47 goals conceded. A novelty for the Danish goalkeeper who, however, already saw the path of withdrawal. The NTL sponsor makes everything very nostalgic.

Denmark, World Cup 1998

In France Denmark comes ready for anything and in the group with the hosts, Saudi Arabia and South Africa easily passes to the round of 16. The crossing with Nigeria is a walk (4-1), while in the quarterfinals comes Brazil trembling but beating the Danes 3-2. From the sparkling polka dots of 1992 to the yellow of 1998. The size is, as always, one more, to allow Schmeichel to fly better.

Manchester United, 1995

We return to the Premier League, 1994-95 season. Green remains, but this time the core of the shirt is blue with the usual geometric inserts, a great classic of the Umbrian sweaters of the 90s. This time no national title, which goes to Blackburn. One point less (88) than the champions, but the best defense of the championship once again with only 28 goals conceded and 24 clean sheets brought home.

Manchester United, 1998

1998 is another year of mockery for the Red Devils (Arsenal will win again with only one point ahead of the latter, or United), while stylistically it is the year of sobriety for the Manchester goalkeepers. Two shades of green suffice and advance to stand out from the red of the movement players.

Manchester United, 1995 bis

At the theater of dreams, green dominates, but outside the home in the 1994-95 season, Peter Schmeichel turns purple. An unusual color for him and for Manchester United, with the spoils away from Manchester United that is not the best: 21 goals conceded and under the double figure of clean sheet. On the beauty of the kit, however, nothing to add.


Manchester United, 1996

Blue variant with blue inserts for the goalkeeper who became famous thanks to his somersaults after goals by Cantona, Cole, Scholes, Keane and Huges. The central logo of Umbro that dominates that of the most popular club in the world completes the shirt design of the 1996-97 season.