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Michael Jordan's garage

The supercars of the Jumpman

Michael Jordan's garage The supercars of the Jumpman

Netflix's The Last Dance docuserie has rekindled the spotlight on the protagonist Michael Jordan, retracing his career as a basketball star and a successful entrepreneur and revealing anecdotes about his private life.

It was certainly also a wonderful opportunity to browse the Jumpman garage where numerous supercars have been kept (and many still are), which we can associate with different periods of Michael's career, from the beginning to the now consolidated success, passing through the large sponsorship contracts with Nike. But it is by looking a little further that one understands how much the Ferrari and Porsche brands are not only a great passion of MJ, but also a source of inspiration for the design of some Jordan, which reflect colors or shapes of some car models he owned or the stylistic features of the two car brands.

Let's find out more about his cars, at the wheel of which he has often been immortalized in his travels to go to training or in his spare time.

Chevrolet Corvette C4

Michael was chosen as testimonial for various advertisements from the Detroit house and this model was given to him as a gift: in metallic gray color, he even had the personalized plaque ''Jump 23'', his nickname. The C4 was a highly appreciated model for its clean style and aerodynamic design.


Porsche 930 Flat Nose Turbo

Produced in only 948 specimens, of which only 160 imported to the USA, it is therefore an extremely rare model. A peculiar feature of this series is the search for aesthetic similarity with a respectable sports model, the Porsche 935, a competition car that dominated important races such as the LeMans 24 Hours.

It is fair to remember that the 80s, in which it was produced, were the years of success of the retractable headlights, famous those of the Lamborghini Countach or Ferrari Testarossa. Owning a sports car with that particular type of headlamp certainly represented a status symbol.


Ferrari Testarossa

Undisputed icon of the 80s, his celebrity is also due to the cult TV series 'Miami Vice', where Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas play respectively James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, two undercover detectives who they fight crime in the city of Miami, Florida, behind the wheel of a White Testarossa.

Michael owned 2 models of the famous sport of the Cavallino, one in Red and one black, both with the "M AIR J" plate. The Air Jordan 14 Red Suede & XIV & draw inspiration from MJ's passion for Ferrari.


Porsche 911

The passion for Porsche rekindled so much in the 90s that Michael became owner of various models and even went so far as to speak with Tinker Hatfield, father of the Air Max and numerous Nike and Jordan sneakers, asking him to transfer the design of his 911 to the Air Jordan VI.


Mercedes SL 55 AMG

The years pass and the tastes of Jumpman evolve, which is "spotted" behind the wheel of a Mercedes SL 55 AMG, at the time top of the range of sports marked with a 3-pointed star, the result of a winning combination of style and elegance hardly visible in today's cars. The SL55 AMG was also Steve Jobs' car for a long time; taking advantage of a specific Californian law, in agreement with his dealership, he changed cars every 6 months in order to be able to run without a license plate while always maintaining the same model and having more privacy.


Aston Martin DB9 Volante

Around the same time as the SL 55 AMG, Michael buys a true English thoroughbred, an Aston Martin DB9 Volante. This model is one of the most beautiful ever produced by the house of Gaydon, and is equipped with a 512 HP V12 which certainly does not make it slow.