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The Glasgow Rangers will be sponsored by Castore

If you don't know him, don't worry, you are not the only ones

The Glasgow Rangers will be sponsored by Castore If you don't know him, don't worry, you are not the only ones

Last Saturday the Glasgow Rangers announced that after a long bargaining, they managed to leave Sportsdirect as a retail partner of their merchandising and to sign an agreement with a new brand that will replace Hummel, it is Castore.

''The club is incredibly excited to present its new kit and retail partner to Rangers supporters around the world. This represents a clean slate and marks the beginning of a new era in the club's retail business operations. The partnership will be a significant step forward in Rangers' recent history" said Scottish club sales and marketing director James Bisgrove.

Castore is a Premium Sportswear brand founded in 2016 by the Liverpool brothers Phil and Tom Beaton with the aim of making it a respected brand all over the world within a few years. After concentrating on individual sports - golf and tennis above all - Castore will also aim to establish himself with team sports, starting with rugby and cricket, and then going on to football that counts. To do so, he had to raise £ 7.5 million from private investors to accelerate the transition to professional team sports.

The website is clear: "Castore exists for one reason only: to make athletes better. Our ethos is based on the philosophy of Better Never Stops, an ideal deeply infused in our DNA and something that we strive to live every day. We use engineering advanced and unique technical fabrics to create the highest quality sportswear in the world for athletes who demand the best. Designed with a passion for innovation with specialized characteristics to help optimize athletic performance in all conditions".

One of Castore's top men is Andy Murray, Scottish tennis player, shareholder of the brand since January 2019, on which Castore has built a real range of both sportswear and outwear clothing called AMC: "The AMC brand combines my passion for tennis with Castore's commitment to advanced engineering and product excellence. AMC creates products for tennis lovers and is undoubtedly the best kit I've ever worn".

Castore offers "classic and classy looks with the latest technical features" including the "Waterproof Hoodie Garcia", a hooded sweatshirt "made with an exclusive patented fabric that is waterproof but lighter than most training shirts to offer the best hybrid training clothes" and we expect, given the retail prices, that the quality is just as high, given that a t-shirt will cost around 80 Euros and a waterproof sweatshirt around 220 Euros.