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5 things you may not have noticed in "The Last Dance"

Episode 5 & 6 edition

5 things you may not have noticed in The Last Dance Episode 5 & 6 edition

The taximeter marks the passing of half of "The Last Dance", which has reached the sixth of ten acts. The general sensations tell of two episodes, # 5 and # 6, which raised the bar again, telling of the Bulls' victories over the Knicks and the Trail Blazers, the deeds of the Dream Team of 1992 and above all the personal events of Jordan , from the deal with Nike to the betting issue. The continuous attacks of the media show a human Michael, who if he could not play the role of "model to follow" given the stress and problems that caused him. The dividing line between the personal and the sports sphere was fading more and more, as often happens to those who win a lot. But all this, you already know. There may, however, be 5 things that you missed in the last two episodes.


The evolution of Michael's hats

During the first 6 episodes, Michael Jordan's style was served in any sauce. It is the small details, however, that always make the difference. In the last two episodes, for example, there has been a sensational surge in the evolution of the hats worn by the # 23 of the Chicago Bulls. We quickly moved from the beret - complete with swoosh - to the panama with which to enjoy ourselves on his beloved golf pitch, without forgetting the fisherman model or baseball with a short visor. Jordan's photogenicity underlined a lot in this period is also due to the style of the headdress he chooses to wear.

The detail of the shoelaces

The focus on sponsorship contracts concerning the shoes that have characterized Jordan's career arrive at the fifth episode, with David Falk really explaining how the facts went. The events were more or less known, but a small detail caught the attention in the third wave of episodes: Jordan meticulously takes care of the laces of his shoes, without being helped by anyone - although we imagine he had who could take care of it for him. Except for the "spare" shoes from his last match at Madison Square Garden, MJ inserts the laces before each race. The reason is simple: the shoes he wears are always new and Nike always sends his sneakers with the laces inserted only in the first holes of the shoe. The romance - and the pain - of the Air Jordan 1 of the first/last time in Mecca is disarming. Pregame ritual or simply a way to showcase your product?

The shirts signed "Michael"

The NBA "recommended" an elegant dress code and for this reason in "The Last Dance" all teams are almost always immortalized in suits. Michael almost always gets rid of his jacket, especially when he is with friends, with security or in the locker room. Unlike others, Jordan has no initials on his shirt. It is not limited to an iconic "M.J." but it goes further, testifying to how transversal his style is with respect to the world in which we live. On more than one occasion you see the word "Michael" at the pocket, a detail that makes Jordan even cooler.


The GOAT's guards

The myth of Stan Podolak - Michael's historical handyman in Space Jam - has been dispelled the new web star is called John Wozniak, one of the members of the security team assigned to Jordan that MJ cares about most. During the sketch that takes the two as they play and bet, one notices a detail on the jacket of the "security escort" dedicated to the most famous character in the world: a pin with the Jordan logo. That pin is also found at other times and is a sign of belonging, as if they were not simply security personnel but were the most trusted soldiers of the King.


The mysterious watch

Michael mainly loves 3 things: basketball, golf and watches. Its collection is vast and naturally not cheap: it ranges from the Richard Mille RM 032 Diver Flyback Chronograph to the Rolex Daytona in Platinum, from the Rolex GMT-Master II 116758-SANR to the Sky-Dweller version, not to mention the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli which shows during some of his interviews for "The Last Dance". The last of the collection, this time with an unobtainable model, is what Jordan shows during a game of golf in one of the Bulls' day-offs.