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''The Last Dance'' is driving up Jordan's resell prices

StockX, Goat and The RealReal report an increase in both demand and sales

''The Last Dance'' is driving up Jordan's resell prices StockX, Goat and The RealReal report an increase in both demand and sales

The long-awaited documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the '97/'98 season has arrived ''only'' in the fourth episode - already breaking every listening record for ESPN - and the commercial consequences were not long in coming .

Assuming that when it comes to MJ you can't help but think about its sneakers, it seems that several websites and resell platforms have noticed an exponential increase in both the number of searches and prices with regard to the signature shoes of the number 23 .

According to the luxury resell site The RealReal, Jordan's request increased by 55% on April 19, the day on which "The Last Dance" was presented, and saw a 53% increase in the average sale price of Jordan sneakers . StockX instead reported that searches for the Jordan brand increased by 63% after the series preview and orders increased by 90% starting the next day. Goat, the last platform asked, talks about sales increased by 68% in the week following the premiere and sales of Jordan - in particular released more than 10 years ago - increased by 72%.

"Jordan Brand is definitely experiencing a moment in the resell market," said Sean Conway, sneaker and streetwear expert for The RealReal. "The diversity of their collaborations, from Dior to Melody Ehsani, combined with the ability to preserve value, makes them the type of smart investment we are seeing towards sneaker buyers. Only in March did we see an 85% increase in "The Last Dance'' is putting Jordan into an even bigger spotlight, which we are seeing translated with higher demand for each model and an increase in sales of high-value models such as Travis Scott's AJ1 Chicago and AJ1."

But the documentary is influencing not only the memorabilia sales that relate to Michael Jordan, but also the products related to Scottie Pippen. Jesse Einhorn, StockX senior economist, said that Jordan's collectible sales rose 80% between Sunday and Wednesday and that the average resale price of the items in question increased by 48%.

But the docuserie is not influencing MJ's demand for merch, but also for Scottie Pippen, of which there is a peak of demand both at the level of sneakers, but also as regards collectible cards and other types of merchandising.

The particular note is that in all this has not increased the request regarding generic material of the Chicago Bulls, but only that relating to the two players mentioned above (i.e. the protagonists of the first two episodes). We will see if starting from this week the trend will be strengthened even more or if searches for Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr & co will also increase.