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Dress like Pippo Inzaghi

The most iconic outfits of the former AC Milan striker

Dress like Pippo Inzaghi The most iconic outfits of the former AC Milan striker

Filippo "Pippo" Inzaghi has been one of the strongest strikers of the past 20 years. Without particular technical skills, he managed to establish himself and play in great teams such as Juventus and especially Milan: with the Rossoneri he won everything and was one of the absolute protagonists of the 2007 Champions League in Athens, won in the final against Liverpool thanks to his two goals.

Filippo Inzaghi was in his own way one of the most representative players of that generation of phenomena which, among other things, made Italy's football great with the victory of the World Cup in 2006. "Pippo" for everyone represents that period there: a mythical Heldorado, to dream with nostalgia.

This is what is known about Pippo Inzaghi footballer, in short. But there is little talk about his fashion side. Over the years Inzaghi has shown looks in total line with the fashions of the moment: looking at his photos is a mystical experience that brings us back to the mid-90s, and then catapulted us a moment later in the more recent past, with constants that they come back image after image, like white shirts, dark jackets and scarves.


Sportswear & Outdoor

For leisure and outdoor sports, Pippo Inzaghi does not give up the style of Kappa associated with the colors of the national team: here he is wearing different shades of blue in moments of conviviality, in which he also sports a long-sleeved polo shirt and glasses on their own that take us straight to the brilliant swagger of the 90s. For pre-match moments of concentration, however, the outfit changes: Adidas suit more red than black, long hair and absorbed look, while headphones pump Laurent Wolf's "No Stress". Last but not least, mountain look with total black fleece and Napapijri backpack on the shoulder.


En pendant with Simone

The luck of having a three-year-old younger brother is also to be able to go out for an evening together. Or to be called up to the national team at the same time, if you play football and are good. Filippo and Simone, over the years, have been immortalized together with the most varied outfits, in order to give ideas to the various couples of brothers around the world. So here they are as a child playing together with the same thin striped shirt and pronounced white collar, with the Puma shorts. Growing up, they wore everything: Kappa sweatshirts, white disco shirts, assorted shirts for lunch at the beach, leather jackets, trendy sunglasses, various scarves.


Casual chic: scarf addicted (also on the bench)

Pippo Inzaghi's casual look always responds to the rules of elegance and size: the white shirt can only be replaced by equally sober shades, the colors are never in excess. The jackets are a garment to show off in fluency, they fall on him perfectly. Every now and then, in a casual chic look, they can also be worn with jeans and sneakers. The real must, however, is the scarf: whatever color it is, it is an essential accessory for Filippo Inzaghi, who wears it accompanying it with any type of outfit. There is no shortage of gambling attempts: the AC Milan cap for the 2014/2015 season is a rare accessory that can only be worn by a select few.


Summer look

Filippo Inzaghi knows that it is important to be impeccable even on the beach, and in general also in summer. Formentera does not wait for anyone, just like fashion: here then Pippo even ventures to an elegant shoulder strap with mirrored glasses and casual t-shirts. The plaid shirt over the jeans is risky, the open shirt over the shirt with light bermudas is more trendy. The Sweet Years t-shirt is inevitable, together with his longtime friend Bobo Vieri. For the evenings there is also the option white shirt plus vest, while to give a tone on the shore, the first page of the "Corriere della Sera" is enough.


Bonus: Flight mode

Imagine taking a flight and landing straight in the 90s: around you are Buffon with a brush hair, Toldo in a white polo shirt, Nesta with long hair and Abbiati with aggressive glasses and a shoulder pouch. All you can do is adapt and wear a red polo shirt from Kappa, looking from behind two dark lenses at a future too bright to be seen with the naked eye.