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All you need to know before seeing ''The last dance''

An accelerated course about Michael Jordan

All you need to know before seeing ''The last dance'' An accelerated course about Michael Jordan

The long-awaited day of The Last Dance has finally arrived. For the uninitiated (who?) Is the Chicago Bulls docuserie of the 1997-98 season, the one that ended with an MJ shot 6 seconds from the end, after seating Bryon Russell with a crossover.

This is the documentary that Jordan himself advises against watching if you don't want to change your opinion about him.

To get better prepared we suggest a series of books, films, insights, documentaries, anecdotes that you should know in order to better understand the Bulls universe of that vintage.


''The double nickel game'' vs New York Knicks, regular season 1995

''The shrug game'' vs Portland Trail Blazers, Finals 1992

''Career high game'' vs Cleveland Cavaliers, regular season 1990

''Showdown game'' vs Phoenix Suns, Finals 1993

''The shot game'' vs Cleveland Cavaliers, 1st round playoff 1989



''Dream Team'', documentary about Olympics of Barcelona '92

Slam Dunk Contest 1987, Seattle All Star Game

Slam Dunk Contest 1988, Chicago All Star Game

''Unbanned: the legend of the AJ1'', the story about the Air Jordan banned by the NBA

''Michael Jordan to the Max'', a documentary on Jordan's life with a particular focus on the 1998 season and other important career achievements

''Michael Jordan 1 on 1 with Ahmad Rashard'', long interview with the former football player, now commentator for NBA TV

''Space Jam'', Bugs Bunny, Michael and the Monstars



''Michael Jordan, la vita'', by Roland Lazenby

''Dream Team'', by Jack McCallum

''For the love of the game: My story'', by Michael Jordan

''Driven from Within'', by Michael Jordan



@jumpman23 - Jordan Brand

@heirmj523 - Marcus Jordan, Michael' son, Trophy Room founder

@heirjordan13 - Jeffrey Michael Jordan, Michael first son

@jumpmanhistory - unofficial account with Michael's throwback



The tongue: The inspiration of the tongue comes from the father. Michael, in fact, noticed that his father James stuck his tongue out while he worked and he decided to do the same in the most excited and difficult moments of the games.

- The degree in geography: Although he did not graduate before making himself eligible for the draft, Michael decided to return to college and conclude his studies in geography in the summer of 1986.

- He is afraid of water: when he was 11 Michael was traumatized by the drowning death of a friend of his during a summer basketball camp. A trauma that has never managed to overcome.

- The steak: Four hours before each race, in fact, Michael ate a steak of almost 6 ounces, accompanied by salad and potatoes, while drinking a ginger ale.

- Best Friend: When MJ was drafted in 1984, the Chicago Bulls were unable to send anyone to the airport and so the rookie found himself in front of a certain George Koehler who, without knowing him, asked him if he needed a ride. Jordan accepted and later the two entered into an agreement that Koehler would accompany the future star around Chicago throughout the season.