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The evolution of Serge Gnabry style

From Supreme to Prada, passing through the cult of A$AP Rocky

The evolution of Serge Gnabry style From Supreme to Prada, passing through the cult of A$AP Rocky

The stylistic direction of a player follows exactly the dynamics of the football career: you will find the love of your life, but you will also pass through terrible experiences. This is the story told by Serge Gnabry, Bayern Munich winger, defined by Graeme Campbell of Highsnobiety "the coolest footballer in Europe".

Passed by the clouds of London and the changing rooms of the Emirates Stadium - which he shared with Héctor Bellerín - to the cold of Bavaria and the grass of the Allianz Arena, Gnabry explained in this long interview (dated 11 March) his approach to the world of fashion and the stages that led him to be one of the most stylish players on the football scene today. He rejoices like James Harden when he scores (or is "cooking"), hates suits and loves jewelry, so much so that he is a huge admirer of WERKSTATT: MÜNCHEN, one of the most famous jewelry and accessory production houses among the characters in sight. Art is his great passion, in all its forms, especially the art of dressing.

"I lived in London and there you really see that everyone embraces their own style, without worrying about whether and how far they are outside the box," explains Serge. "When the players turn 18, they have a lot of money at their disposal and they can simply buy any outfit they want. So they go to Instagram, are overexposed to the many brands that are in fashion and start to look alike to each other so much that they look the same. over time I realized that it makes no sense to spend money on a hoodie if it's not special and if I don't like it" concludes Bayern Munich striker. Gnabry learned to tackle the fashion issue in an atypical way, after deciding to abandon the "everyone's style" and create a personal one: he lives the style as if there was no "no" - and he does it also thanks to the salary at 7 Bayern figures.

He loves Prada, loves the style of Rick Owens and venerates that of A$AP Rocky, one of his main sources of inspiration. But it wasn't always like this. Even Serge, from the height of his 25 years, was a fan of Supreme, the brand that today defines the ultimate gateway drug: "Being excited and waiting anxiously every Thursday was nice, but I think it all lasted a year or so, until I realized that I wanted to be smarter, better, I wanted to add class to my look. Enough with that streetwear every day. I think when you change your personality you become wiser in terms of style: I always go in different directions".

There is a German quote that describes football as "die wichtigste Nebensache der Welt", or as "the most important minor thing in the world". At this moment, Serge always remembers him, because it is true that it is his life, but there is also other than the love of sport. Health and style for example.

Photographer: Tereza Mundilova; Photography Assistant: Lara Fritz, Conrad Liebrecht; Styling: Andrea Tzelepides; Production: Ufuk Inci