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The Cage 2.0: the new Triple Espresso

Lewandowski, De Bruyne and Coutinho

The Cage 2.0: the new Triple Espresso Lewandowski, De Bruyne and Coutinho

The winners of the original edition: it doesn't matter if they didn't have to struggle and if the game lasted just over two seconds. But as the referee-host-commentator of the tournament Eric Cantona recalled, in the cage there is only one rule: ''the first one who scores, wins''. And so it was: Thierry Henry whispers something in Francesco Totti's ear just before the ball is introduced into the field from above and in a fraction of a second the former Roma number 10 kneels to allow Henry to lean on, stand out the flight, anticipate the opponents and hit the head ball that slips behind Roberto Carlos, incredulous. An unexpected ending, both at the level of drama and at the level of result, given that the Os Tornados would have won hands down if the game "ball on the ground" had been played. It is the demonstration that anything can happen in the cage and that the champions are not necessarily the most talented, or those with the most "hunger"; another fundamental characteristic for winning emerges: craftiness.

The new Triple Espresso on paper are not the smartest team in the tournament, but they are certainly the most determined: a first striker, an advanced midfielder and a midfielder with the vice of the goal. They may be affected by the lack of a real defender, but will De Bruyne and Lewandowski's tenacity manage to bridge the gap?


Robert Lewandowski

A Polish war machine: physicist, excellent header, goleador, he has tactical intelligence, he is fast; in short, it is the perfect striker for contemporary football. After the first years spent in Dortmund, he continued to make havoc at Bayern Munich where he even increased his average goal, reaching the most prolific (non-German) footballer record in the history of the Bundesliga. He will remain in history for scoring 5 goals in 9 minutes, clearly the fastest five ever.


Kevin De Bruyne

One of the strongest midfielders in the world who has not yet fully expressed his potential: after a season at Wolsburg where he presented himself to the world, he was transferred to Manchester City where, under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, he is finding stability in performance and affinity with the goal. Natural but almost ambidextrous right player, with a total game vision, excellent ball control and an excellent pass, he has a powerful shot and is also an excellent kicker. Thanks to his great technical quality and his extraordinary tactical intelligence, on some occasions he also played the role of first striker.


Philippe Coutinho

It is a boy born in 1992 who already has the experience of a veteran and has already toured half of Europe in the teams that count: Inter bought it when he was 16 but left him in Brazil until he was of age. Legend has it that during that audition which turned out to be lucky, Philippe made a tunnel to Materazzi, who didn't take it well. The approximately 30 total appearances at Inter could not have great success, so much so that he was sent first to Liverpool, where he exploded, and then to Barcelona and Bayern Munich.