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The Cage 2.0: the new Equipo del Fuego

Higuaìn, Piqué and Sancho

The Cage 2.0: the new Equipo del Fuego Higuaìn, Piqué and Sancho

A Spanish name for a team of Latinos: two Argentines, Hernàn Crespo and Claudio Lopez, and a Basque, Gaizka Mendieta. In the original edition they had managed to reach the semifinals by beating Cannavaro, Rosicky and Ferdinand's Tutto Bene but they did not manage to pass the R9 Os Tornados.

There are therefore three Lazio from the time in the same team, with Crespo and Mendieta representing the first and second most expensive purchases in the history of Lazio until the advent of the Euro. Experienced players, able to read the game like few other teams inside the cage, but probably with a physical rate and speed slightly less than the two finalist teams.

The new Equipo del Fuego are also an espanola team - with Sancho in the guise of the Oriundo, given its Trinidadian origins - with a lot of talent but with an unknown quantity of performance: the only certainty is Gerard Piqué who at 33 years old found its definitive size, but Sancho could pay for the little experience in such a small field and Higuaìn could quickly get tired given the incredible rhythms of 3vs3.


Gerard Piqué

Besides being a staple of Barcelona and the Spanish national team for more than 10 years, Catalano DOC is also the president of Andorra, as if to prove that if he went wrong with the Blaugrana he would already know where to go to save. The only downside for its Catalan integrity is the second surname, Bernabeu, which reminds us of the Spanish capital. Skilled central defender of the head, he won everything there was to win, both at club and national level. Off the pitch no particular vicissitudes: he became even more famous after becoming Shakira's partner, known during the 2010 South Africa World Cup. Waka Waka produced two children: Milan... and Inter. No, Milan and Sasha.


Gonzalo Higuaìn

El Pipita in recent years has been heavily criticized for his athletic situation; it is true, it certainly does not have the sculpted abs of Cristiano Ronaldo or the speed of Sterling, but when it comes to throwing it in Gonzalo it is always there. Always. His resume is clear: Real Madrid, Naples, Juventus, Milan and Chelsea, 223 goals in 390 games. Skilled with both feet, he is the striker of the Inzaghi-style penalty area but with more physique. At the beginning of his career Maradona defined it "mobile and complete, with movements that remind me of those of Crespo and Batistuta"...Ah, Maradona..!


Jadon Sancho

Impossible to tell the deeds of English, since we are talking about a boy just 20 years old. At this moment, together with his teammate Haaland, he represents one of the most promising talents in world football. He is a striker / winger with phenomenal speed, so much so that he has already earned the nickname of ''the rocket''. The future ahead of Jadon shines, the hope is that he will not get involved in the food routine of the Pipita.