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The Cage 2.0: the new Tutto Bene

Cavani, Verratti and Bonucci

The Cage 2.0: the new Tutto Bene Cavani, Verratti and Bonucci

The ''old'' Tutto Bene could have won a tournament to ''who scores few goals'': team of impenetrable defenders, the couple Cannavaro - Rio Ferdinand in 2002 already represented one of the strongest central defenders in the world. But you know, the best attack and best defense wins the attack, which is why it was impossible to win a tournament in which the difference is made by the goalscorers, better still if they are smart. The name already meant the main feature, starting from the assumption that Italy has always been the mother of the best central defenders in the world. By far it was the most defensive team in the cage, with Tomas Rosicky - who played the role of the midfielder - designated bomber; pity we are talking about a player who in 10 seasons at Arsenal has scored only twenty goals. Certainly a victory could not be expected with low hands.

The new Tutto Bene 2.0 edition are the most defensive team among the 8, as well as the name is even more appropriate given the presence of two Italians. It is an extremely tactical team with Bonucci and Verratti to set up and the loose horse Cavani to manage the attack alone. Who knows if the PSG duo will be able to create the right feeling even in the 3vs3 field.


Edinson Cavani

Uruguayan PSG striker, wherever he went he did well and was not talked about because of excesses. Between Palermo, Naples and PSG they make more than 400 appearances and 250 goals, not bad for having always been considered a second striker. At the beginning of his career he was nicknamed "El botija" because of his physical fragility and the appearance of a child, only the gallops on the swathes of the fields of half of Europe gave him the nickname "Matador", as to indicate his athletic indomitability. Among the three Tutto Bene is undoubtedly the man who can make the difference, we hope that the technical skills are as valid as his extensions.


Marco Verratti

The ''Andrea Pirlo of Pescara'', flown towards the PSG of the emirs at 20 years without having the possibility to tread the fields of the Serie A. Crystalline talent with strong defensive qualities while not having an impressive physique: the determination, the timing in the contrasts, the fulminating feints and the forward-looking passages are its trademarks, all characterized by a natural elegance, that which is not taught but which gives you mother nature. It could be the perfect glue for bringing together that breed horse that is Cavani and that Bonucci mastiff. For now, having not yet won anything significant, people will remember him for one word: ''moccica''.


Leonardo Bonucci

Central defender of Juventus since 2010 - with an appearance at Milan where he managed to be hated by his former fans -, he is one of the best Italian defenders around; together with Barzagli and Chiellini he formed the BCC, or the 3-way defense used by Conte before and by Allegri later. At the beginning of his career he had problems (as well as with the law) with the ''bonucciate'', that are crazy lapsus in which he forgot to be a defender and rode ball at foot for 70 meters before throwing sensational crooked shots. During matches in the cage there will be no risk of picking up the ball in the stands, but it will be necessary to avoid leaving the mini door to avoid going out in the first round.