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The Cage 2.0: the new Toros Locos

Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and Wayne Rooney

The Cage 2.0: the new Toros Locos Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and Wayne Rooney

The before and after, after 18 years. The transformation of the Toros Locos 2002 to Toros Locos 2020 is total, like almost all the new versions of the The Cage 2.0 project launched by nss sports with the collaboration of Outline Studio Milano. The name is a clear reference to the characteristics of the players: tireless workaholics who grinded kilometers more than the others. Unpredictability is a classic connotation of the bull and the name also centers exactly on the dot.

In building the 2.0 version of the Toros Locos we decided to focus on other peculiarities of the team symbol: the strength that manages to release an angry bull. The physical prowess, therefore, of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and Wayne Rooney is the key to one of the trio who is a candidate for the final victory, without if and without but. Being "die hard" is perhaps the worst obstacle for virtual opponents to overcome, as demonstrated by the fluency of the victory in the first round of the tournament against Cerberus. The bull's anger is not always controlled - as demonstrated by several real episodes of the trio - but at the same time it is the one that leads to reach the goal, wiping out everything and everyone.



Cristiano Ronaldo

A cyborg, an athlete from another category. If you consider the strength / longevity ratio, it is - perhaps - second only to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. A timeless goal machine capable of driving the defenses of any league crazy for 17 years now. An icon also off the pitch: after presenting himself to Manchester United with the appearance of the ugly toothless duckling, time and training - and money - made him become a sex symbol capable of moving the masses. Man image of Nike, dozens of personalized colors of his shoe - the Mercurial - and athlete with the largest following in the world on Instagram with 211 million followers.

Sergio Ramos

For years considered the best defender in the world, the current Real Madrid center is probably also one of the most hated, and not only by the Catalans. Physically strong, very skilled in aerial play and serial accumulator of red cards, he is the most expelled player in the history of La Liga. He began his long career at Seville back in 2002 with the hair of a rock star of the early 90s, until he reached the Spanish national team, of which he is currently captain. In addition to tattoos, the other strong point is the change of look: he probably took inspiration from Beckham, his teammate for two years.

Wayne Rooney

The predestined English footballer, at 17, made his debut in Everton, where he will return ten years after he has left. In the middle 183 goals with Manchester United, where he is presented together with Cristiano, Van Nistelrooy and Rio Ferdinand in 2004 with a teenager on loan. Testimonial par excellence of the Total90, in particular of the "Laser" version, used in crazy commercials by Nike with the feature of Dirty Sanchez. Hard, gritty striker, one of those who does not want to get dirty, certainly one of the strongest of his generation, holds the goal record both in the history of the Red Devils and the English national team. But if he hadn't been a footballer, we wouldn't be surprised to find him passed out with a bottle of Jack Daniel's in his hand.