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The docufilm on Messi is available on Amazon Prime Video

"Que lindo sería ser 5 segundos él"

The docufilm on Messi is available on Amazon Prime Video Que lindo sería ser 5 segundos él

"Thanking God, Messi exists". It could be the words of any Blaugrana fan, but Hendrik Johannes Cruijff, one of the best interpreters of total football who helped make it big, pronounced them. He gave them during the filming of the documentary "Messi", directed by Âlex de la lglesìa and available for a few days on Amazon Prime Video. The 95-minute docufilm involved great players from the past and present, coaches who were lucky enough to train "La Pulce" and teammates who told what it means to live next to one of the best ever.

The story of Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini goes through the initial difficulties, a rather complex childhood, the physical question that has always been at the center of the discussions of the various medical staff of Barcelona, up to the greatness and splendor of today. MenottiMaradonaIniestaPiquèMascherano: everyone has an anecdote to tell about Leo. Added to the direct experiences of the players are the opinions of great journalists, friends of the Argentine champion and writers who have consumed their best ink to describe what "la Pulga" means and has meant for football.

Even the support figures chosen by Âlex de la lglesìa are not second-rate: Jorge Valdano as screenwriter, Kiko De La Rica as director of photography, Joan Valent who oversaw the musical part and Domingo Gonzâlex as editor.