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The AFA awareness campaign against coronavirus

#SeamosResponsables is the message of the emotional video

The AFA awareness campaign against coronavirus #SeamosResponsables is the message of the emotional video

The Asociación del Fútbol Argentino launched the #SeamosResponsables campaign to raise awareness among the Argentine people, trying to prevent contagion. He did it through a moving video, in which the difficult reality merges with a real Fútbol game.

Nobody becomes champion alone. Not even Diego in 1986, who without that goal by Burru [Jorge Luis Burruchaga] in the final would not have raised the cup. Argentina has you and needs you to win. Today we have to face the most difficult game in our history, do you know why? Because the Argentines didn't know what it meant to lose, to date.

Losing our parents, our friends, our siblings, our grandchildren or our love. It never occurred to us that two powers like Italy or Spain could lose the game before us. And how it hurts. Because in our team we are children and grandchildren of all of them. This doesn't stop there. So listen to me: give the ball to the captains who have already decided. Respect the distance, do not go anywhere, you would be offside and harmful to the team. Those who are closed at home play to win.

Don't argue, that the game is long. Look at all the people out there: they are doctors and policemen, who expose themselves to contagious situations every day. Don't create gatherings. Argentina has a lot of space. Play, but wash your hands. Open the field, air whenever you can. Because although it seems that the rival does not exist, it is very dangerous when it comes to attacking. And wouldn't you give the two cups we won to win this game? Think about your parents and grandparents when everything is over and they will no longer have to pray. Come on Argentina, this is serious. Whatever it takes, we have to win this game by playing as a team. Because in this country there is a force more powerful than any pandemic: that of wanting to meet again. On the pitch or elsewhere.


Stay at home. #SeamosResponsables.
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