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The Secret Tournament 2.0 - The return of the cage

nss sports Edition

The Secret Tournament 2.0 - The return of the cage nss sports Edition

Breathtaking final between Toros Locos and Triple Espresso: in the first half day of voting the trio formed by Lewandowski, De Bruyne and Coutinho seemed to have brought home the second title of the cage but, in the last hours available, CR7, Sergio Ramos and Wayne Rooney put the arrow in and never looked back.

Final | TOROS LOCOS vs TRIPLE ESPRESSO = 308 - 196 (61% - 39%)

Thus ends ''The Cage 2.0'' by nss sports, a virtual tournament that we would have liked so much to be able to see even in reality.

As Eric Cantona would have said seeing all the defeated players return to shore:



Special thanks to Outline Studio for the graphic development of the project and to the numerous voters.



The semifinals were the most balanced matches of the whole tournament, with CR7 and its Toros Locos victorious against Kylian Mbappé and Os Tornados as predicted, while the Triple Espresso of KDB, Lewandoski and Philippe Coutinho win in the sprint against the Funk Paris Brothers of Neymar after being at a disadvantage during the first few hours of the survey. The differences in grades between the two winners and the two losers were minimal:

Semifinal #1 | TOROS LOCOS vs OS TORNADOS = 399 - 161 (58% - 42%)
Semifinal #2 | FUNK PARIS BROTHERS vs TRIPLE ESPRESSO = 271 - 348 (43% - 57%)

The final will see the Toros Locos and the Triple Espresso collide, which could thus repeat the title of "cage" champions and complete the back-to-back. The final will begin on Saturday 11 at 13:00 and will end on Sunday at the same time. The voting methods remain the same: polls in the Instagram Stories, on the Facebook page and on the Twitter account of nss sports.

Who will be the last team to leave the cage?


The quarterfinals of the The Cage 2.0 tournament have just ended. The predictions have been respected and there has been no upset in this first phase, where the scoreboard from 8 teams definitely passes to 4. The most balanced match was the one between Funk Paris Brothers and Tutto Bene, with Verratti, Bonucci and Cavani who kept up to the end a battleship formed by Neymar, Hazard and Icardi. The heavier percentage passive, however, was suffered by the Equipo del Fuego in the challenge against the Os Tornados, with a final difference of 441 votes. The votes in detail:

Q1 | TOROS LOCOS vs CERBERUS = 520 - 161 (76% - 24%)
Q2 | EQUIPO DEL FUEGO VS OS TORNADOS = 123-564 (18% - 82%)
Q3 | FUNK PARIS BROTHERS vs TUTTO BENE = 476-346 (58% - 42%)
Q4 | TRIPLE ESPRESSO vs THE ONETOUCHABLES = 629-154 (80%- 20%) 

The semi-finals, therefore, will see against the Toros Locos of CR7 and the Os Tornados of Kylian Mbappé on one side and the Funk Paris Brothers and the Triple Espresso on the other. The semi-finals will be played from 13:00 on Thursday 9 April to 13:00 on Friday 10 April. The voting methods remain the same: polls in Instagram Stories, on the Facebook page and on the Twitter account of nss sports.

*** APRIL 5, 2020 ***
''Hidden from the world, 24 players hold a secret tournament with 8 teams and only one rule: the first goal wins''.

With these words, in April 2002, ''The Secret Tournament'' was presented, Nike's commercial implemented in view of the South Korea and Japan Football World Cup - directed by Terry Gilliam - to present the entire football collection that included the Mercurial Vapor, the Total 90 ll, the Mercurial Training apparel collection and the Geo Chrome balloon.

The spot saw the participation of 24 of the most famous Nike-sponsored players of the time including Totti, Henry, Davids, Ronaldo, Figo, Roberto Carlos and Cannavaro, and Éric Cantona as referee, commentator and host.

The tournament, which was attended by 8 teams, took place ''in the cage'', that is, in a metal cage inside a ship, and included the victory of the team that first managed to score a goal. As can be seen from the finale, the fate for the losers involves swimming back to the shore, shouting "All losers go home".

The soundtrack of the spot was "A Little Less Conversation", a classic by Elvis Presley in the version remixed by Junkie XL, which thanks to the spot would have become a real catchphrase of the summer.

In addition, as the "final phase" of the campaign, in June 2002 Nike had organized tournaments with the same rules in some cities of the world (including London, Beijing, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and, in Italy, Rome and Florence) of the Secret Tournament, which is estimated to have attended at least one million children. Nike couldn't help but consider the campaign a success, so much so that the brand CEO Mark Parker commented ''This spring's integrated marketing initiative was the most comprehensive and successful global campaign ever made by Nike''.

18 years have passed and the myth of the "scorpion tournament" remains in the memory of all the football fans; nobody has been able to replicate a similar spot and every time you find yourself playing in a 3vs3 pitch the question ''do you remember the cage?'' comes back up to date.

In this period of monotony from coronavirus we thought of recreating this famous tournament, making it more current through today's players but keeping the same graphic aspect - a special thanks to our friends from Outline Studio Milano, for the graphic support. Obviously it is a virtual tournament, where the teams will not compete in a real cage but through social platforms, to the sound of votes. So the same format, the same number of players and teams, the same host but no ball in the way.

Whoever decides the passage of the round and the consequent winning team will therefore be the polls of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The tournament will begin on all nss sports social platforms starting from Monday 6 April with the first quarter-finals, followed by the semifinals on Wednesday and the final on Saturday.

Facebook: nss sports
Instagram: @nss_sports
Twitter: @nss_sports_

Get ready for the rumble!


Qualsiasi contenuto grafico che si riferisce alla pubblicità Nike "The Secret Tournament" non è direttamente associato all'azienda Nike Inc., che continua ad avere la totale proprietà intellettuale.