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NBA launches the global campaign "NBA Together"

The answer to the Coronavirus pandemic of American basketball

NBA launches the global campaign NBA Together The answer to the Coronavirus pandemic of American basketball

The digital fingerprint and the powerful voices that make the NBA the number 1 league in the world do not subside in this period, quite the contrary. The response that the NBA gives to the pandemic emergency is "NBA Together", a global community and social engagement campaign that aims to support, involve, educate and inspire young people, families and fans from all over the world.

With the season suspended, the NBA tries to focus on its public role, already of great importance with the initiatives of NBA Cares. Last week, for example, 18 NBA and WNBA players created videos with public service announcements to share important information about health, well-being and ways to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Content that generated 37 million views and that pushes the league to do even more. The goal of the NBA is to help raise over $ 50 million to support organizations that work to treat those who have contracted virtus and to help healthcare. The campaign focuses on four pillars: Know the FactsActs of CaringExpand Your Community and NBA Together Live.

"Know the Fact" is a coronavirus information web page with constant updates that come directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), WHO and American virologists. "Acts of Caring" is the invitation to help those who need it most, a real volunteering program that involves everyone: players, coaches, fans, communities. Through the hashtag #NBATogether on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok you can review and share the best actions. "Expand Your Community", on the other hand, contains sub-projects to help all the communities to stay close to each other even if physically distant. This is the case of "Jr. NBA at Home" - training to be done at home and the promotion of resources and tools to allow students to continue studying from home. To conclude, "NBA Together Live": from Monday to Saturday, an NBA-related character will interact with fans from all over the world through a dedicated direct Instagram on the @NBA account and in addition full games will be available on all accounts of the League.