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6 sports you can practice at home

How to sweat during the coronavirus days

6 sports you can practice at home How to sweat during the coronavirus days

In a delicate moment for all of Italy, where the emergency imposed new rules for common safety, including the absolute ban on creating gatherings, even sport, or at least movement, had to tame. In the days of #IoRestoaCasa and home life to try to stop the spread of coronavirus as quickly and as well as possible, although running or cycling - alone and far from others - it is not forbidden, in many, from professionals to managers of Federations, have asked people not to move, because, in such a situation, the "one can never know" becomes a commandment and the "better prevent than cure" must be applied literally.

The younger ones will probably have only a vague memory, but a very young Jill Cooper in the 1990s entertained women - and men - through fitness programs, with exercises that could be replicated directly from the living room at home, representing a - positive - epochal turning point.

Staying at home, however, may also not mean ''being on the sofa all day'' because never before has it been so easy to play sports within four walls: in fact technology has allowed us to simulate external reality within the walls of the house through various applications and software, YouTube is full of material to stay fit, on the web there are an indefinite number of tools to play sports for any financial availability and push-ups, bends, hops, etc. are free: only good will is enough.



A kind of exercise bike, for cyclists: it is an app that through a software gives the possibility to pedal in real or imagined worlds. You need to connect the rollers (interactive or not), that is a system that allows you to pedal while standing still, to a screen. It is there that roads appear, real or imaginary, in which an avatar rides with our cadence, speed, strength, while the slope is simulated in a realistic way.



Perhaps the choice of equipment is not as wide as in the gym, but also at home you can train with weights, and you can easily create them, if you do not have them: just use two full bottles of water. We realize that it is one of those exercises that becomes boring after 10 minutes, but with the right playlist and a little dose of imagination everything can seem more feasible.



There are different types of yoga depending on the physical propensity we have and the emotional status we are looking for; fortunately they are all practicable at home and we only need a mat. If you have been practicing this activity for a short time, find a good video tutorial and start with a series of simple and short exercises - like sun salutation - to help you memorize them, and repeat them to the bitter end. You will discover the benefits for body and mind already in a few days.



Again, it is difficult to say that it is the same as running outdoors, but in the absence of other opportunities, better than nothing. Yes, when running outdoors is impossible - and maybe you have all been dressed up and seen the universal flood outside the window - the treadmill is a good alternative to take advantage of, considering that you can also continue to watch Netflix. But be careful, don't take it too lightly if you want to avoid dramatic falls like these.



The art of using your body weight as resistance to train and develop your body, method or training system based on free body gymnastics, or a specific exercise or workout. In practice it is the evolution of Cooper's exercises, which in order to be performed do not necessarily need a blonde soubrette, but simple apps are enough to help you keep up with the daily rhythm and constancy.



For those most in need of team sports: it is a collection of sports video games, produced for the Nintendo console, which simulates the main movements of tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing through a ''remote control'' to be held in hand during the phases of the game. For the more addicted, it is also possible to keep their improvements under constant control: Wii Sport can subject the players to 3 tests at the end of which the player will receive a response on their physical age.