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6 sporty videogames to play staying at home

And the boredom will not prevail on you

6 sporty videogames to play staying at home And the boredom will not prevail on you

That one we are living in this period is a terrible moment for everyone, with the coronavirus that keeps us all in maximum alert, confined in our houses. In this situation of emergency, we all are looking for some activities to ease the climate, by loosening tension and by distracting ourselves, spending time watching lots of tv series and more on the various streaming networks, rediscovering table games, reading or listening albums we have in the queue. However, today I suggest to you an alternative solution to kill the dead moments and the boredom. Sit down on your sofa and, if you have an old Nintendo Wii which is gathering dust or you maybe jealously guard a PlayStation 2 until you can expose it on a shelf in your bedroom as a piece of antique, this is the proper moment to retake them out: here are six sporty videogames to play staying at home. There are for all the tastes and, clearly, for all the consoles.



There's a football videogame that has always amused everyone, and it is PES 6. Take your favourite club and guide its till' the glory through a revolutionary gameplay, or, if you want to exaggerate, disguise yourselves as penguins or make ride some ostriches (you get it) from the various Adriano, Drogba or a youngster Cristiano Ronaldo and watch them run from side to side of the pitch with the ball attached to the feet (or you can call them paws), you will not remain disappointed.

FIFA 98: Road to World Cup 98

On the other hand, for the FIFA lovers, there's FIFA 98, with which retrace the 1998 World Cup playing with all the National teams that participated to the qualifiers until you reach the final. There are also the major European leagues. If you are a hardened retrogamer, search for your old Game Boy and make the memories train start with FIFA 98.

Gran Turismo Sport

We return to our days and to the contemporary PS4, the only console where you can play Gran Turismo Sport, the seventh chapter of the homonymous series. If you want to race on the road on breathtaking racing cars, but you don't like the typical Formula 1 atmosphere, Gran Turismo Sport could satisfy your request. Over three hundred cars are ready to be driven by you until the finish line in offline and online races, against the users of all the world.

Wii Sports

You wanna play tennis? Or maybe you wanna play bowling? Turn on the Wii, because the legendary Wii Sports, a collection of sports in a videogame, to play alone or with family, is what you need. Then, if you particularly love outdoor sports, the sequel Wii Sports Resort could majorly be right for you. In case of doubt, try both.

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

If you like fighting games, the advise to look at wrestling and at the iconic SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain is almost wasted. After almost fifteen years, it's still one of the few wrestling videogames able to make all agree. If you fight in the ring, in the backstage or even in the parking lot of the arena, Here Comes the Pain will always result funny and involving. Try it in all its game modes, you will not regret. 

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Released between 2001 and 2002, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 is the perfect sporty videogame for who is looking for the thrill of the skateboard but is forced at home. So, if you wanna go skate but the coronavirus stops you, with this videogame you can do all the tricks you want, accompanied then by a respectable soundtrack. In addition, it's proven that the game experience improves if you play wearing your last Supreme signed purchases.