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Google, adidas and EA together to combine sport and tech

adidas GMR is the result of the first collaboration between the three giants

Google, adidas and EA together to combine sport and tech adidas GMR is the result of the first collaboration between the three giants

Three industrial giants, for the first time all together on the same project. The creation of adidas GMR, the new smart sole for soccer shoes that transforms movements and kicks into prizes for FIFA Mobile, is a further step that sports brands try to take to get closer and closer to a unique gaming experience. Attempt already proposed by the competition, with Nike that since 2006 tries to implement the increasingly innovative functions of the devices to improve the moments when doing sports.

Google, Adidas and Electonic Arts have experienced something already created thanks to football. Thanks to Google's Jaquard project studies, it was first used on two Levi's jackets and then on a Yves Saint Laurent backpack. The functions were slightly different in the two previous tests, but both implemented a project that is expanding more and more.

Operation is very simple. The insole has a particular slot where the adidas smart tag is inserted. Once inserted, it connects to the smartphone. It can also be used without being inserted in the space provided, becoming a real multimedia remote control to answer calls and other functions available remotely. One is used at a time in the shoe with which you kick more. In the other you go to insert a dummy that fills the empty space. Once inserted into the shoe, the adidas GMR translates physical movements by processing them through advanced machine learning algorithms. Obviously you will need the app designed ad hoc which, once set, can be connected to FIFA Mobile to access any prizes.

Clearly adidas has not forgotten the competitive aspect: there will be a ranking to climb to reach special prizes that will put all users against each other. that will put you in competition with friends and perfect strangers. Each week, the GMR app will launch exclusive events connected to the FIFA world to involve the huge fan base of the game. One of the first examples is Master Finisher, the challenge in which you have to make 40 conclusions within the penalty area in a week to earn coins and skill enhancements on FIFA Mobile. The strongest shots will be included in a special ranking, to make the competition even more stimulating.
As for the more technical aspects, the battery is designed to last two or three full football games, so about a week if you use it moderately.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store, while the release date of the insole has not yet been defined. It will be available in selected adidas stores and the recommended price will be € 34,99.