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Reebok and Allen Iverson are back to collaborate

College enrollment fees and new sneakers for Bethel High School students

Reebok and Allen Iverson are back to collaborate College enrollment fees and new sneakers for Bethel High School students

It is common knowledge that American colleges have fees which are quite inaccessible for most families, which is why most students are betting almost everything on scholarships in order to be able to access universities.

Reebok, along with their flagship face for years, Allen Iverson, has decided to make life easier for seniors (students of the last year) at Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia, alma mater of the ex 76ers star: in fact the British brand announced yesterday that it will cover all college enrollment fees for the outgoing 2020 class (over 400 students) and that, together with ''The Answer'', it will take care to pay the fees connect them to a select number of students from all over the country. To earn this chance, seniors across North America will need to write a letter of at least 200 words trying to express their full potential and motivation and send it to, which will select the lucky ones.

"Nothing should stop you from enrolling in any school you want to consider" said Iverson in a note. "By working with Reebok to cover tuition fees, I want the next generation to see college as a path to success, whether they want to be an artist or a doctor". Bethel High School class 2021 was surprised yesterday morning by a video in which Iverson and Reebok announce their collaboration in favor of the Hampton community.

"I speak on behalf of the students and their families when I say that we are full of gratitude for this donation from Reebok," said Bethel High School principal Ralph Saunders in a statement. "Allen Iverson is an integral part of this city and we are excited that you continue to honor and support school and the community. "

Simultaneously with the announcement, Reebok decided to launch the ''Originis'' pack, which includes two of the most classic sneakers worn by AI, the Question Mid and the Answer 5, paying tribute, through two particular colors, to his college and to his university:

The Answer V features the official colors of Bethel High School, dark green, fierce gold and black with a DMX cushioning and with a soft textured leather upper; the Question Mid is instead available in the navy blue and classic gray colors of Georgetown University, where AI spent its last years before landing in the NBA.


For now, the two signatures are only available for the US market and are available on