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Stone Island is about to land in the world of football

The brand could acquire Modena FC

Stone Island is about to land in the world of football The brand could acquire Modena FC

UPDATE 11/05/2021

After the rumors of last year, the Stone Island group has returned to negotiate with the owners of Modena to acquire the shares of the club that currently plays in Serie C. According to, the definitive agreement could be reached soon, thus formalizing the already fashion brand to buy a football club in Italy. If in 2020 there was talk of buying about 30% of the Emilian company, now it would be negotiating for the entire corporate package that would go into the hands of Carlo Rivetti.




Stone Island tries to follow in the footsteps of Jordan and Palace and is ready to enter the world of football. He will do this by playing at home, starting right from the city where his headquarters are located. Modena and Modena FC, therefore, are the next panorama that will be the backdrop for the first investment in a world other than that of fashion.

Ravarino - headquarters of Stone Island - and Modena are only 20 kilometers away, but are even closer. Carlo Rivetti, CEO of the Emilian brand, could support Romano Sghedoni, patron of the company that plays in the Serie C, at the helm of Modena FC. 30% of the club's shares could belong to a fashion brand, not a novelty in this increasingly revolutionary world of sponsorship.

The news is not yet official, despite the constant rumors that run. This stand-by is due to the 30 days that must obligatorily pass from the company recapitalization date. The entry into the company of Stone Island will depend very much on the will of Gianlauro Morselli, Emiliana Serbatoi and Paolo Galassini, the 3 vice-presidents who resigned but are still members.

It's actually not the first time we've seen Stone Island in football. Already with one of the cult amateur teams, the SoHo Warriors, Stone Island had had the first approach to the world of football.